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SIMGE On The Scene: Death By Unga Bunga, gods & Wreaths Played Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd February 26, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

I stopped by the Wonder Bar on the 24th to take in some music that featured an act from across the pond. Not talking about the UK here, we are talking about Norway! When a band of Vikings makes their way to the states, one must go check them out. Every time they were talking, I thought of the TV series which I love to watch. But, this quintet has no ties to the doom and gloom of that show, nor the slang that their name could mean. Death By Unga Bunga are filled with all fun and good song. 

Stopping by on their three-week jaunt across the states, Death By Unga Bunga played to a lively and appreciative crowd. They are billed as garage rock, but you could hear sounds of punk and pop interspersed within their 40-minute set. They also have a great sense of humor and include much of this lightheartedness throughout, both in the songs and their stage presence. They are polished too which makes me wonder why Garage Rock, but no mind to that, it was a fun night with some great music. 

Opening up the evening, bathed in their ever constant red backlighting were Wreaths. I love listening to them, but it is tough to shoot these guys. Thankfully the Wonder Bar has some kick ass lights now allowing me to grab a few shots in the dark. I left one of their photos as is to give you an idea. The rest had to go black and white. Hardest part is locking in a focus point.

Gods took the two hole, the lights came up a little bit, and we got some change in colors, just enough to gain some definition. Really can not bring them up that much with these guys, it would spoil the ambiance and the mood. Need Smoke!  Seriously thinking about doing a go fund me and getting a fogger back for us. Do not know the guys in the bands well enough to crank out the fog in a can, but this was the night for it. 

The choice selections from the evening:


Wreaths224_PShepherd-5 Wreaths224_PShepherd-8 Wreaths224_PShepherd-11 Wreaths224_PShepherd-21 Wreaths224_PShepherd-24 Wreaths224_PShepherd-33 Wreaths224_PShepherd-34 Wreaths224_PShepherd-37 Wreaths224_PShepherd-51


Gods224_PShepherd-5 Gods224_PShepherd-16 Gods224_PShepherd-27 Gods224_PShepherd-31 Gods224_PShepherd-43 Gods224_PShepherd-54 Gods224_PShepherd-61 Gods224_PShepherd-73 Gods224_PShepherd-80 Gods224_PShepherd-88

Death By Unga Bunga 

DBUB224_PShepherd-7 DBUB224_PShepherd-8 DBUB224_PShepherd-14 DBUB224_PShepherd-15 DBUB224_PShepherd-38 DBUB224_PShepherd-42 DBUB224_PShepherd-45 DBUB224_PShepherd-46 DBUB224_PShepherd-59 DBUB224_PShepherd-62

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