SIMGE On The Scene: Russian Baths, Dentist, Baked, Grace Vonderkuhn & The Black Clouds Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd February 25, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

The winter has been quiet for me, apart from a few out of state trips I have been staying hunkered down, relishing in the comfort and warmth of the abode. A brief glimpse into the transitional spring weather pattern that just kicked off got the juices flowing and sent me up to The Saint for a night. Though I think the real motivation was the fact that the five band billing was sponsored by partner in crime CoolDad Music, and our sister entity Good Eye Records.

The night started off with Grace Vonderkund, traveling up from their home state of Delaware to hit the stage less than 30 minutes after their arrival in Asbury. Rock-n-roll. Beginning a month-long run which will bring them to SXSW and back into our area the third week of April, the garage rock trio set the tone for the evening in a most beautiful way.  Our second act was a transition into a darker and moodier set, Baked came down from Brooklyn with fuzz filled selections and prep us for the release of their forthcoming EP.

My first surprise of the evening was when Dentist hit the stage as a three-piece. Questions remain whether I knew they made this transition or not, my head is awash in information I may or may not know, but that is really a moot point isn’t it. I have always been a fan of the band and their circuitous pop stylings, but it seems they have added a sharper edge to their sound and it is quite lovely to hear. Definitely enhanced their presence. I think Emily won the award for best photo of the night, Somehow the does not surprise me as she always gives the camera good looks.

The band of the night, for me, was celebrating the release of their own EP, Penance, through Good Eye Records. Russian Baths hail from Brooklyn, and when I was previewing their song the morning of the show, I connected, but it did not prepare me for their live performance.  I have mentioned this before, the biggest thing I seek during a live show aside from good music, is passion and energy. When you give that to your audience nothing else matters. You can have great songs, and be uber-talented musicians, but without those two key ingredients…..yawn.

Russian Baths produced a visual and auditory stimulation that hit your senses square on. Good, good stuff. Next up is a hometown EP release party, March 15 at Zone One At Elsewhere in Brooklyn.

We closed out a late night with some rowdy sounds from another local favorite, The Black Clouds. The guys have been holed up in the studio for a while so we will find out what the near future has in store for us soon.

The Choice selections from the evening:

Grace Vonderkuhn

GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-3 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-6 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-12 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-28 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-34 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-39 GVanderKuhn222_Pshepherd-50


Baked222_Pshepherd-3 Baked222_Pshepherd-15 Baked222_Pshepherd-21 Baked222_Pshepherd-28 Baked222_Pshepherd-35 Baked222_Pshepherd-43 Baked222_Pshepherd-48


Dentist222_Pshepherd-16 Dentist222_Pshepherd-19 Dentist222_Pshepherd-30 Dentist222_Pshepherd-39 Dentist222_Pshepherd-61 Dentist222_Pshepherd-74 Dentist222_Pshepherd-82 Dentist222_Pshepherd

Russian Baths

RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-8 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-20 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-26 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-35 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-40 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-56 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-58 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-88 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-96 RussianBaths222_Pshepherd-105

The Black Clouds

BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-4 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-9 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-13 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-18 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-21 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-23 BlackClouds222_Pshepherd-31

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