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SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know Dinosaur Pile-Up // Watch “11:11″

Phil Shepherd August 25, 2016 Features No Comments

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Back in high school we used to key in and feel a connection when the time hit 11:11. That was a long time ago and over the past couple of years I have seen some of the younger generation do the same. When I heard about the latest release from British trio Dinosaur Pile-up and it was called 11:11, I had to get all over that. Music historians who also are fond of those four ones will note Loudon Wainwright III also had a song with a similar title. While his was on the mellow side, Dinosaur Pile-Up has given us an aggressive version that lets you put up your metal horns and get your groove on at the same time. 

The UK was privy to 11:11 the single, and the ten track full length offering of the same name back in June. 11:11 hits our market just in time as the group gets ready to kick off their US Tour. In advance of their cross the pond travels, the boys got together and answered our Getting to Know You Survey. One of my favorites to date. 

Band: Dinosaur Pile-Up

What sound does your band make?

Well, it’s usually really loud and pretty kicking. I usually describe us an alternative rock band – but genre descriptions are so vague and overly complicated these days. Basically if you like stuff like the Pumpkins, Nirvana and early Weezer/Foo’s then you’ll probably dig us. 

If you could have anything fall from the sky what would it be?

Shit…this is a big one. Uhhh… Money? Like enough to pay my rent for a year? That would be awesome. Maybe also Cassandra from Wayne’s World, but like from the reality of Wayne’s World…you know? So she’d be in that same band and at the same place in her life. I just think we’d get on really well. Then again, she’d have to come with a parachute, otherwise that would just be so horrible. So, am I allowed a couple of things? Or do I have to pick Cassandra OR the parachute…?

When I was a kid I used to Love to…

…Be really really quiet. Or, I guess I didn’t actually love being that? I just was that. 

An embarrassing phase in my life was when…

…I was born up until now? Haha. Just kidding. But seriously – up until right now. 

The first album I purchased…

It was a double act. I bought Oasis Definitely Maybe and Blur The Great Escape on the same day because that’s what all the other kids were listening to. I took them home, listened to them once, and threw them in the bin super pissed off because I just felt like I didn’t connect at all. I then walked straight into my brothers room and stole his stack of Nirvana, Deftones and Rage and my life changed. True story. 

The last album I purchased…

I can’t even remember. I stream because it’s cheaper obviously and let’s face it, I’m as broke as the next guy that’s in a band. I’m gonna say Rozwell Kid. They’re super awesome and they can shred. Oh or Run The Jewels 2! That record is just off the hook. 

My Biggest Insecurity…

Is probably my weird disproportionate body. But fuck it. I think I’m pretty ok.

You can easily win me over by…

…buying me pizza, being super chill, owning a cool dog that can do cool stuff like rolling around when you say bang. 

Sometime when I feel weird I listen to recordings of people sneezing on youtube because yolo.

After a show people compliment me most on my…

…skills. Not really. But I wish it was. I wish they said “you’re skills are impressive” in a completely deadpan voice. 

Something most people do not know about me is…

I love 80’s pop music. But like seriously live it. Everybody always thinks I just love grunge bands and heavy metal or whatever – which I mean, I do completely. But I also completely love 70’s/80’s pop. My mum used to spin it in the car when I was a kid. Whitney Houston, ABBA, Billy Ocean, MJ, Sinead O’connor, The Bangles. It’s my fucking shit. 

The band/artist that altered my perception on life is Freddie Mercury because he was a straight up fucking genius. 

If not for music I would probably….

…Be a virgin. Come on let’s face it. 

What are your favorite song lyrics?

Territorial Pissings by Nirvana are some of my favourite lyrics. Just so awesome. “When I was an alien…’ and so on and so on. Killer. But then again I almost said Nothing Compares To You so what do I know right? 

Watch title Track from the album and check out Dinosaur Pile-Up, September 13 at Mercury Lounge. Oh, and make sure they get some NY Pizza! 

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