Don Giovanni Records Announces The New Alternative Music Festival

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New Alternative Music Festival

A while back, Don Giovanni Records head honcho Joe Steinhardt announced plans to bring a wholly independent, alternative music festival to Asbury Park. This festival would be staged as a direct opposite answer to the homogenization of corporately owned and sponsored music festivals who share most of their acts from stop to stop through the summer.

Now, Don Giovanni Records announces The New Alternative Music Festival set to go down from September 16th to the 18th at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ. The weekend features a stacked bill of the label’s extensive roster of talent and friends including Screaming Females, California X, Girlpool, Nude Beach, Ought, Shellshag, Tenement, Laura Stevenson, Upset, Worriers and more. Don Giovanni Records also promises lineup additions as the three-day affair approaches.

In a statement on Facebook, the label shared:

“The New Alternative Music Festival is not just a concert it is also an intentional event. It’s an attempt to gather together bands with diverse sounds, but common values. The performers are independent artists without ties to major labels or their music distribution. There will be no sponsors, no backdoor advertising via branded content, or other base money-making schemes.

This is a pro-weirdo event held in direct opposition to the apolitical sludge that has come to pass as “indie” and that has nothing to do with operating independently. Where many festivals reflect critical acclaim, the NAMF lineup is meant to reflect a community. In addition to making great music, many of these artists are involved because they are peers, tourmates, and friends.

Why do we need a new alternative? In recent years, the words “alternative” and ‘independent’ have lost much of their meaning. In the past, these terms might have indicated a willful rejection of mainstream sensibilities and business practices. Today they have come to signify the quirky and the benign.

The New Alternative Music Festival is an attempt to retake lost ground. For three days, it will seek to create a space for music to be heard without commercial interruption.”

Individual tickets will be sold for $28 in advance and $30 at the door, with a three-day pass available for $75. The New Alternative Music Festival is being billed as an all-ages, one time only event with no further plans to bring it back annually. Tickets are on sale now.

You may remember that Screaming Females headlined Convention Hell last Halloween. The New Alternative Music Festival will almost certainly be taking the place of Don Giovanni Records’ annual free outdoor show at Elmer B. Boyd Park, and fills the gap usually reserved for the label’s February showcases in Brooklyn.

We’ll have a ton more for you leading up to September, but for now, peep the lineup in full below and snag your tickets via this link. Steinhardt and I will be a part of the Indie Music Panel hosted by Bob Makin on April 16th at Court Tavern.

New Alternative Music Festival

Aye Nako
Daniel Bachman
Big Eyes
Mal Blum
California X
Chain And The Gang
Nato Coles
Downtown Boys
Dyke Drama
Giant Peach
Izzy True
Jamie Kilstein And The Agenda
Amy Klein
Mikey Erg
Moor Mother Goddess
Nude Beach
Outer Spaces
P.S. Eliot
Painted Zeros
Puff Pieces
Radiator Hospital
Roadside Graves
Screaming Females
Selector Dub Narcotic
Laura Stevenson
The Max Levine Ensemble
The Rememberables
Trophy Wife
Try The Pie

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