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Your mind doesn’t always speak clearly to you. Whether it’s calling up hazy childhood memories of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are or telling you that everyone is out to get you, the messages your brain sends you can be fuzzy, like they’re bubbling up at you from beneath the waves.

Crystal Shipsss, a.k.a. Berlin-based Jacob Faurholt, evokes the feel of those mental messages and those voices in your head on Crystal Shipsss’ self-titled EP. He longs for the simpler times of childhood on “Where the Wild Things Are.” He paints an image of paranoia and hallucinations on “Listening to [Daniel Johnston’s] Devil Town.” On “Night of the Creeps,” Faurholt sings about some of the things he could be doing, like getting a “shitty job.” Ultimately, though, “I’d rather be here all by myself / Watching Night of the Creeps.” Sometimes your mind does tell you that you’re better off sitting alone in your room, watching a 1980’s zombie cult-classic.

All of this is done through the noise, reverb, and fuzz of Faurholt’s brand of excellent, lo-fi pop. It’s reminiscent of Ariel Pink, Youth Lagoon, New Jersey’s Honeydrum, even The Pixies at times.

Crystal Shipsss will be out first in Europe through Mouca on May 6th and then in the US on May 7th, via Three Ring Records, digitally and as a very limited cassette release. You can stream Crystal Shipsss right now.

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