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EP Review: Magana – Golden Tongue

Chelsea Conte November 2, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments


Golden Tongue is the quick, delicate, heartbreaking debut EP from Brooklyn’s Jeni Magana. It takes the moodiest elements of Torres, Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten knitting them into a collective of dark and punchy tunes. There is a smokiness and empowering vibe on the record that leaves you longing for more.

Golden Tongue commences with “Get it Right” as Jeni’s throaty coo’s apt with bluntness and precision bite, “get it right, if you’re gonna waste my time.” It’s a melancholy but powerful track encompassing a subtly pissed off attitude of someone who’s been burned. “Inches Apart” is hard-hitting and emotionally raw with minimal instruments, its main focus being the vocals and guitar. Magana’s voice is packed with emotion evoking velvety intensity in every word she speaks.

Do you know when you feel like the whole world doesn’t get you, that no one is listening to you fully and you just can’t get what you want to say across? “The World Doesn’t Know” conveys a similar message with the imagery of someone not being able to be understood. Jeni illustrates the song in a narrative that is both eloquent and intimate leaving the audience able to relate to the fullest extent.

On “Golden Tongue” Magana shrieks louder with more intensity recalling the past and how it is to grow older. There is a big build up in instrumentation here that is refreshing on such a stripped-down record as, “you’re lonely till you’re old” is being shouted with big drums backing its heavy feels.

Golden Tongue leaves you satiated keeping your attention from start to finish. Magana makes it so that you hit a different emotion through each track leaving you ready to dive into more. The record conjures up the same feelings as an early morning: the sky is grayish-purple-y-blue and everything is coming to with the sunlight just starting to trace over the landscapes and the dew drops begin to dissipate. Golden Tongue is a gem of a debut EP leaving you emotionally riveted, exhausted and stoked to hear what will happen next.

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