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EP Review: Modern Crowds – Go

Brianne Addison June 24, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Modern Crowds

In the mood to drift away in a grizzly, haze of nostalgia? Then lay back and let the whimsical music of Modern Crowds take you on a journey down memory lane. Whether or not these artists know it, they have done something very special with their EP, Go. They have created a truly refreshing album of hypnotizing tranquility. With enchanting lyrics, smooth, professional transitions, and resounding beats, they are superbly talented artists. In a fashion similar to that of early Radiohead, this band summons the entirety of your soul. No two songs on the album are the same; each one is a masterpiece in its own right and an outright dream to listen to.

The band absolutely killed it with their opening track, “Where Did We Go Wrong?” The song starts off easy with lithe guitars and soft drums. Enter the ethereal vocals of Joseph Pellegrinelli, beautifully eerie and demanding of your full attention. And rightly so; his voice holds the essence of ocean waves lapping upon the shore on a summer night. The track permits just enough time for one to fully appreciate the supernatural sensations, before it explodes into an epic rage of musical thunder, courtesy of Adam Backowski (lead guitar), Michael McGowan (bass), Charlie Kupilik (drums) and Pellegrinelli, who also plays guitar.

This was a very strong (and smart) song to begin with. It cuts right to the chase: this band holds a brilliant strength in the way in which they are perfectly harmonious with one another, not just in this song but in each songs following.

“Stuck” takes on an entirely different flavor from the first track; I told you these guys were creative. “Stuck” is cheerful, it’s fun, it’s reminiscent of good memories, and it makes you want to take a stroll on the beach. The track is bathed in silky (and barely noticeable) transitions, creamy vocals, and velvety instrumentals. Playful guitars, confident bass, and lively drums all communicate with one another in a merry, blithesome nature. The instruments intertwine with solid vocals to create an overall carefree melody with oceans of energy.

“Paradise,” I knew I was going to like this track just from the name of it. This song belongs in a movie. It has a grainy, cinematic quality to it with soaring vocals matched only by mouth-watering, ambitious instrumentals. What I really enjoyed about this song was the range it covered in only three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Once again, Modern Crowds displays their artistic capabilities as they effortlessly evolve from a slower, heavier, cinematic-type track infused with an exotic flare, to a full on concert-worthy number that encourages tons of head shaking and copious amounts of dancing.

“Turnaround” is the most buttery song on the track. It is an absolutely sublime number and enhances the truly angelic nature of this band. The bass is very sweet, the guitars are soothing, the drums entirely composed, and the vocals placid and lovely and blend in so perfectly with the rest of the instruments like an artistic smoothie sprinkled with endless perfectionism. The rhythmic nature of this song will lull you into a lucid, dream state, one which you will have no wish of waking up from.

With “Go” (the EP’s namesake), we have reached the end of our five song journey. “Lights are passing by, fading in the distance. If you think, you’ll miss. Tires turning fast, the breaks are always broken, there’s no stopping this.”

What a spectacular track to go out on. Once again, I am blown away by how versatile these musicians are. The song commences with gentle acoustic guitar, soon followed by its twangy electric cousin, and quickly accompanied by Pellegrinelli’s sirenic vocals and captivating lyrics, sure to leave you spellbound.

Listening to Modern Crowds EP, Go, was an honor. One does not often come upon bands with such intrinsic exquisiteness. Polished, professional, crisp, and entirely addicting, I implore everyone to go and give Modern Crowds a listen. I guarantee you will be swept away into a frenzy of truly delicious music with tunes and lyrics that are sure to vacuum seal themselves to your memory.

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