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EP Review: Phratry Records Drops New Gazer EP Fake Bulbs

Scarlett Ziemba February 23, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments


Gazer’s new EP, Fake Bulbs is perfect for those of you feeling homicidal, wanting to rage against the endless cold and snow outside.

Formed back in 2013, Gazer is a noise punk band hailing from Cincinnati Ohio. Its members have had previous ventures in bands such as Till Plains (Phratry Records), Weakness, and White Walls (Video Disease Records/California).

Their latest EP is blunt and in your face with screaming guitar riffs, frenetic drumming, and grunge induced vocals. Expressions of being discontent with emotions such as depression, fear, and shame are some of the underlying themes and influences of their music. They convey the limitation of being human in songs like “A Nurse for a Human” and “Bethany”. Gazer is highly recommended if you listen to bands such as Melt Banana, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus Lizard.

The Record label Phratry released their new EP along with the bands self-released first EP, Phone Commercial, onto one 12” vinyl back in December.

Keep an eye out for Gazer as the band continues to write and record while touring throughout the MidWest and East Coast. Purchase the double EP vinyl or listen to Fake Bulbs below.

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