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EP Review: Teenage Halloween – It Was Weird, But It Worked

Chelsea Conte March 3, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Teenage Halloween

For a debut EP it sounds like Teenage Halloween really know what they want to evoke. The very busy Asbury Park band released their first album, It Was Weird, But it Worked at the end of December 2015.

Luke Henderiks, who fronts the band, also books shows constantly and is a huge supporter of the local music scene. All of that hard work, love and DIY ethos can’t help but shine out on the EP.

It Was Weird, But it Worked
is the perfect name to accompany the four songs recorded alongside John Naeder and Ben Luckman. It’s a sweet and salty mix of power pop meets punk with some surprising instruments thrown in for an extra treat.

Hearing a saxophone, trumpet and banjo on a four-song punk tinged EP really excites your eardrums and makes you think “damn that really works.” The album is short, bittersweet and nostalgic with elements of Joyce Manor and Bomb the Music Industry faintly resonating throughout. It’s the kind of album you can put on repeat, and feel like you know it inside and out, holding a sentimental spot in your heart.

Teenage Halloween fleshes out with an extensive line up including Luke Henderiks, Brandon Hakim, Liam Donnelly, Alex Ball, Adam Styles, Joseph Kane, Kacey Shackleton, Emma Murphy, Ryan Syracuse, Matthew Howell and Brian Deseno.

Henderiks says of It Was Weird But it Worked, “Teenage Halloween went through many different styles of playing these songs and different ways of going about these songs before agreeing on a finished product. The record really tested my vocal range and proved that I need to work on how I project my voice. We did our absolute best for our first release ever.”

You can catch the band on their Midwest tour with some stops in New York and Philadelphia in late March. Check it out more here and stream Teenage Halloween
s It Was Weird But it Worked below.

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