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EP Review: The Double Negatives – Visions From A Stranger

Brianne Addison August 24, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

The Double Negatives

Listen to The Double Negatives’ new EP, Visions From A Stranger, and you will not know what to make of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it really does suit this band. Quirky, intelligent, multi-genre music brought to life by talented musicians, Rob Connolly- vocals/guitar/synth, Brandon Campana – guitar/vocals/keys/synth, Dimitri Almeyda – bass/percussion, Dan O’Hara- guitar/synth, and Kevin McDaniel – drums/percussion. Visions From A Stranger is gloriously bizarre and undeniably amusing.

The EP is composed of five songs, each deliciously different. At the forefront of each track is a slightly different genre/vibe.

Soulful vocals careen over luscious guitar and ensnaring drums in “Stranger”, building up from a jungle-bluesy feel to a musical labyrinth of Eastern European type violin that bleeds behind poignant lyrics.

“I Am” is terribly fun; a tribute to kooky perfection. If Frank Sinatra had been a bit more “rock and roll”, I suppose he would have been fond of the vocals on this track. “I am your man when you cannot help yourself, I am your man when you need your feelings on a shelf.” Turbulent lyrics, spewing short, paunchy sentences. Prismatic guitar/drum combo echo through the surf-haze and end with a bang.

“I want my college degree so I can move to the city, oh yeah I’ll finally be free to see who I can be.” “College” is a nod to the restless youth of the world. Those fresh-faced fledging’s full of angst and hope, all muddled together in a proverbial blender. Hopefulness and frustration ready to burst forth from their hearts. The instruments reflect the chaotic state of unknowing. Frustrated guitar, jittery drums, haphazard vocals, spitting unhinged dreams.

In “Visions”, vocals waver in and out like the lapping of the Mediterranean Sea, washing bits of tranquility upon the shore. Violin caresses the cheek and rocks the mind into a blissful state. Comfy? Not for long; the song jolts us upright in a frenzy of creative energy before dimming the lights again; we regain our serenity.

Visions From A Stranger is the perfect EP to jam out to. Between lovely instruments, golden vocals, and surprisingly deep lyrics, The Double Negatives have proved their EP to be a significant creative endeavor.

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