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EP Review: toilet. – Music to Sit On the Couch To

Sarah Deneault May 5, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

toilet.Toilet. The band name could point you in one of two directions: these people make shitty music and they know it, or they’re all about that irreverent noise. Fortunately, it’s the latter. I’m glad to report that this toilet. reeks of nothing but spirited, humorous stoner rock.

Like any true rock band, the band toggles their lyrics somewhat among the throngs of sex and drugs, but instead of Sunset Strip girls and cocaine toilet. is about them beach babes and reefer…emphasis on the reefer. If sitting on the toilet is all about relaxing and letting go, then shouldn’t its namesake in band form also be about that? It just makes sense.

Likewise, it makes sense that this chilled-out, party rock is executed with a decent array of instruments. Apart from the usual quartet of vocals, guitar, bass and drums, toilet. can be distinguished by its poppy synth intros and transitions as well as its garnish of extra percussion, and in the case of “Head’s Up,” a nice little piano riff.

Strangely, at some point my mind began to read the visuals of Toilet’s instrumentals (throughout their songs) as a stoner’s parody of Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue”…take that as you will. Otherwise, my summation of their sound would be a baked, college-aged love child of the Queens of the Stone Age and Steel Panther, with vocals to the likes of Bowling for Soup.

It’s also important to note that it is mostly a single man contributing to toilet., one Mr. Biff Swenson. While others may have been flipping through Walt Whitman whilst on the pot, Biff was ultra-productive and took some musical inspiration from such moments, ultimately creating a band. So if you’re looking to party and get stoned, just look for some toilet…you know… the kind that makes music with more than just pipes.

Music to Sit On the Couch To – EP by toilet.

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