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Evalyn Shares “A Pill To Crush” | New EP Out 9/28

Emily Klingman September 24, 2018 News No Comments


In a swirl of synths, LA-based Evalyn releases “A Pill to Crush” as the third single from her upcoming EP, Salvation. Out later in September, the EP combines grandeur with grit by drawing inspiration from the spirit of L.A.

Salvation is also a look at the seven deadly sins in the postmodern society; each of the songs off the EP represents a different sin. “A Pill to Crush” takes on the sin of wrath, as Evalyn conveys her bitterness over how powerless she feels in a relationship. Taking the listener through hazy, dizzying synths and percussions, Evalyn’s breathy vocals are the final touch to the song’s psychedelic pop dreamscape.

“One of the central themes [of the EP] is the idea of trying to find something to save you, whether it’s religion or a cult or anything else you might worship,” she said.

Ultimately, Evalyn worked to create an expanded sense of self-assuredness within Salvation. It was important for the EP’s takeaway message to bone’sat of knowing ones worth — not just to be another “pill to crush.”

Evalyn’s Salvation EP is out Sept. 28.

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