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Exclusive Premiere: Ghost King Shares “Bones 1 & 2″ // Debut LP Out 4/1

Mike Mehalick March 22, 2016 News No Comments

Ghost King

Following a stint touring and playing drums for Brooklyn’s Spires, Carter McNeil (vocals/guitar) returned home to the Bronx newly invigorated by his various travels and experiences. He brought that fresh mentatility back to where it all began; in the basement with Tom D’Augustino (drums), Lee Hayden (bass), and Andrew Wolfson (guitar/synth; post-album).

The quartet combines to form Ghost King who recently signed on with the always great Fleeting Youth Records to release their debut LP, BONES. Speak Into My Good Eye is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the album’s second single (a dual release of sorts), “Bones 1 & 2″ below.

On “Bones 1 & 2,” Ghost King throws a rope up from the rabbit hole, inviting you to slip down into their dark psychedlic world. McNeil sets up the tension line that the band pivots off of with a world-weary vocal take that gives way to bursts of glorious, kaledeiscopic sound. At times, the guitar work and ethereal elements on “Bones 1 & 2″ switch from regal/classic British-psych chord chopping to just damn sinister, enveloping fuzz meltdowns.

“Bones part 1 and 2 are about losing the one you love and the ‘Bones’ that are left behind, shares McNeil. “The idea of Bones part 1 is more focused on losing this person, however there is still a sense of hope throughout the song. The song starts out with her ‘getting out through a hole in the ground,’ and basically disappearing. This girl was living in a far away place, I never really knew what she’d be doing or where she would go, it was something that kept me up at night.

She would come and go to New York and I’d be really happy when she was around but, when she left, I’d fall into deep depression, anxiety crept up, and I wouldn’t really go out in the world and experience other things — ‘Now that she’s gone there’s a Lonely Dog and he always stays in the same old place.’ When she came across my mind it stuck and I couldn’t ignore it.

Bones part 2 takes you to a darker place where the hope from Bones part 1 is lost. ‘She from the flowers’ is referring to the same girl from part 1. The first line of the song addresses simply that ‘She’ is gone however there is still some small piece of her that remains here ‘ever after.’ The last line sounds optimistic like everything’s going to get better, let’s just laugh it off. But when I say ‘light is round the corner,’ I’m really just saying, ‘something’ is coming…

These songs were combined while we were working out the album in our practice space. I realized bones part 1 and 2 just flowed into each other perfectly chord wise. Also, lyrically, Bones 2 finishes the story being told in Bones 1.”

Stream Ghost King’s “Bones 1 & 2″ below and look for BONES out April 1st via Fleeting Youth Records.

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