Exclusive Premiere: Gloom Balloon Shares “A Sky That Looks Like A Bruise” // New LP Out 9/1

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Gloom Balloon

Photo Credit: James Dean

Defying any sort of easy classification, the multifaceted musical duo of Patrick Tape Fleming and Christopher Ford, better known as Gloom Balloon, craft deep soundscapes that play with lo-fi sonics and swelling strings. Their second LP, Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon, is on its way September 1st and has been teased by several excellent music videos the latest of which, “A Sky That Looks Like A Bruise,” is premiering exclusively with Speak Into My Good Eye today.

Fleming shares:

“Therapy is expensive so this is me being my own therapist with the voice in my head played by Christopher Ford. I wanted the vocals to feel like something off of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On,’ and hopefully we achieved that. It’s pretty much a straight up description of a Gloom Balloon in the flesh! I also love how bruises are like skies, sometimes blueish, then turn greyish, then turn blackish. It’s good to know people who easily bruise for inspiration! The music has got a bit of a Flaming Lips vibe, mostly because our engineer Logan Christian stuck a microphone in the bathroom and got that crazy weird drum sound that we loved. And then I just started piling on synths at home. The string arrangement by Patrick Riley really gives it a Zep vibe which rules, and it’s always good to let the listener know who you’re talking about…AKA the female vocals singing he’s a Gloom Balloon at the end!

As for the video, Christopher and I were in St. Louis on tour, hanging on the Delmar loop, and this oddly beautiful blonde couple who look like they could be brother and sister were walking down the street and I straight up asked them if they wanted to be in a music video, and all they had to do was make out. Naturally, the guy was like, ‘sounds awesome!’ and the girl was like, ‘Alright!’ And we did it in one take! I was coaching them the whole time…like ‘Oh yeah, this is awesome you guys are killing it!’ I felt like I was directing Boogie Nights or something. It helps that Christopher had just gotten a giant button the night before that says FUCK OFF too!”

Watch Gloom Balloon’s “A Sky That Looks Like A Bruise” below and pre-order your copy of Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon here.

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