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Exclusive Premiere: High Pony Unveils “Forever Since the Sky” // New LP Out 12/1

Mike Mehalick November 16, 2017 News No Comments

High Pony

Get ready to update your playlists and for a good tear well-up, folks, because Brooklyn-based rockers High Pony are here with a sonic hug for those impossible moments. With a new LP on the way, Seen a Change, Speak Into My Good Eye is happy to host the exclusive premiere of its third and final single, “Forever Since the Sky,” today.

Have you ever gotten to a point in life where you’re forced to move on or start again and no one can help you sort it other than you? “Forever Since the Sky” is the soundtrack to the moment after that realization encapsulating the wild swirls of emotions with a full range of towering riffs and rolling rhythms. Singer/guitarist Seth Goldman’s deeply affecting vocals guide rise with each verse leading to a cathartic howl pushing back against a certain darkness. “Forever Since the Sky” is a track worthy of and easily slottable into the “best ofs” from High Pony’s indie/fuzz/slacker-rock forbears and I encourage you to read Goldman’s full description of it below the embed while streaming.

Stream High Pony’s “Forever Since the Sky” below and catch them at their LP release show on December 2nd at King Killer Studios (69 2nd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215) w/ Two Inch Astronaut and Yazan, where $5 gets you free beer and a free copy of the vinyl Seen a Change, out everywhere December 1st.

“This was by far the hardest song on the album for me. I wanted this one to be a sonic hug- a buoy in the middle of the ocean at midnight for lost souls, like all the songs that helped to catch me when I was younger, that still continue to catch me. That required letting my guard down more than I ever had, but in that total vulnerability, there is the greatest strength. If one is totally open and honest, then someone who might really need some guidance or comfort can find that beacon of light.

I am so proud of us as a band because we have become that strong, comforting, empathetic force.

I saw an old friend of mine on the street outside of his apartment. I hadn’t seen him for a while and it looked as if life had gotten the better of him. The locks on his apartment had been changed and he couldn’t get back in. I stayed with him for some time, bought him a coffee, and tried to help him communicate with the police. Ultimately the officers could do nothing and we were left in front of what used to be his place. He confided in me that his wife had left him. We both silently acknowledged that however the locks came to be changed, he was going to have to figure something out, and that he was going to be alone in doing so.

I walked away and made it a few blocks before I burst into tears. Everybody wants to help their sisters and brothers, but sometimes it is not so simple, and sometimes we all get really lost in such a way that only that person can find the way out.

When I got to my guitar still crying, all I knew is that I wanted a song to sprout from God changing the locks- that feeling when you are completely lost, worn out, with no end in sight, praying for answers.

I had this vision of us all being trees in a forest. When you’re in a forest, trees are all around you, but you are always stuck in your tree. When you look at trees though, it is breathtaking, because they reach up to that sun, and in doing so, they seem to hold each other, and in that way, they support each other, just like us.

The second verse was the most difficult verse I have ever written in my life. I didn’t have it written when we went into the studio, so when I was singing it, I was doing take after take, singing different words with different melodies, and Brad Fisher, the rock behind this album (our producer), stopped me and said, ‘You need to figure this out, I can’t tell you,’ and it knocked me into a backdoor trip. I realized it was my moment to just fucking sing and be there in the moment, and I let it go.

I used to be the type of person that needed a hug, destroying myself little by little, but as I have gotten older, I have found that I am the person that wants to give hugs. We all need forgiveness, no matter what we have done. The hardest person to forgive though, is ourself. What makes that journey of self-forgiveness bearable is that when we fall, our branches are there to hold each other while we climb back up and figure it out- together.”

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