Exclusive Premiere: LA-based Shoegaze Outfit Draag Drop The Massive “Gown”

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Long time followers of SIMGE will know that Jim Appio and myself have a long held affinity for the ol’ fuzzy shoegaze music stuff. That’s why it’s been such a pleasure charting the pre-release growth of LA outfit Draag who are readying their Traci Lordz EP for release next week.

Speak Into My Good Eye is now proud to present the exclusive premiere of Draag’s latest single, the massive, churning storm that is “Gown”. Stream it below while reading an interview with Draag band leader Adrian Acosta.

Your upcoming EP Traci Lordz is hard to pin down. You guys seem to blend so many genres and influences. Tell us about where the Draag sound comes from.

I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but on my end… almost purely stream of consciousness.

When I started the band, I really had no idea the kind of band I was putting together. I just knew who I wanted on my team. We all have an appreciation for music of all realms, we hate the idea of not being able to write a drum n’ bass song if we want to (for example).

You were previously in a band called Tremellow. What’s it been like exploring this new direction?

Tremellow was a huge learning experience. We departed in an unspoken fashion, no warning, no argument, no discussion, it just happened. At first, I resented ever been a part of the band because of all the time, money and years I can’t ever get back. I was hurt, I was angry, etc…

But I eventually analyzed the situation, feeling lucky for the experience and the relationship I had with those guys. Great talented artist, it just wasn’t meant to be anymore. With Draag it isn’t that much different, we are all friends, everyone is talented, we all hangout outside of music.

The real difference is how quickly we work, we don’t waste any time moving forward. There’s this feeling/vibe of “time” breathing down your neck. Your presence on earth is brief, so let’s make the best and most of our time.

Before Draag expanded into a five piece, none of the other members had previously met each other. How has the band dynamic evolved since?

It’s been really smooth, almost too smooth. Like there’s a catch, I just don’t know what it is. I can tell at first, some of the members might have been a tad nervous meeting for the first time. You’re basically meeting a group of individuals/strangers, getting in a room, picking up an instrument, and hope it all makes sense. A potential recipe for disaster! We love each other now.

This EP comes hot on the heels of the band’s debut LP last year. Do you already have new material in the works following this release?

Yes, we do. We have enough material for a full length. We hope for that to be our next move, if we can find it a good home.

You’re a part of the Los Angeles scene. Any bands we should know about?

Terminal “A” from San Pedro are great. I won’t try to describe them, because I can’t. But do yourself a favor and checked them out. To name a few more, Dunes, Roses, Batwings Catwings, J.Dendê.

What can we expect from Draag in the coming months?

Shows, shows and more shows.

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