Exclusive Premiere: The MCFK Freedom Now Liberation Choir Stands Up With “Straight White Patterns”

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MCFK Freedom Now Liberation Choir

There’s no other way to say it then to just say it; yesterday was an awful day and one without precedent. Today, thousands march in Washington D.C. and in cities nationwide to protest our new fascist President, his backwards ass ideals and the team of swamp people he has assembled around him.

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the pro-love, pro-art, pro-weird flag bearers at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen as Oliver Ignatius led a session to have something ready for inaugration day. The result is a cover of Lavender Country’s “Straight White Patterns” which features an all-star cast known as the MCFK Freedom Now Liberation Choir. For the unfamiliar, the cover comes as an apt choice as Lavender Country released the first known gay-themed country album back in 1973.

Ignatius details:

“Originally by the cult queer folk act Lavender Country, ‘Straight White Patterns’ was written to describe the indescribable horrors of living gay in an oppressive and hateful society in 1973. Today we adopt it to articulate all of our fear, anger and grief as fascists prepare to enter the White House and set back decades of social, political and environmental progress.

My dear friend Miguel Horowitz hatched this brain child and we assembled a veritable Mama Coco’s dream team, with a special de-emphasis on straight white dudes. A few of them snuck in anyway. Nothing against straight white guys, cause we love you too! But no one could say straight white guys are lacking for a platform.

Mama Coco’s stands with you.”

Stream “Straight White Patterns” as performed by the MCFK Freedom Now Liberation Choir below, click through for a free download and consider donating to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood or any other worthy cause working to stand up against the loathsome ideologies of our current administration.

MCFK Freedom Now Liberation Choir:

Jamie Frey (NO ICE)
Gwynn Galitzer (NO ICE)
Robert Gill (Black Doctor Jr.)
Camellia Hartman
Rachel Housle (NoPop)
Oliver Ignatius
Mary Knapp (Toot Sweet)
Veronica Kohl (Oh! My Blackbird)
Yahoteh Kokayi (The Freaky Baby Daddies)
Danielle Kolker (Out of System Transfer)
Lilah Larson (Sons of an Illustrious Father)
Eva Lawitts (Sister Helen)
Maria Lina
Carson Moody (Ghost Pal, Tigue)
Chadbourne Oliver (The Jackal)
Javier Ramos (Toot Sweet)
Arcody Ruin (NO SHOES)
Olivia Russin (The Regrets)
Li Sabas (The Hood Cat)
Jesse Sternberg (Out of System Transfer)
Annie Sullivan (Oh! My Blackbird)
Jacob Sunshine (Ghost Pal)

“Straight White Patterns”:

Wish that I could love you more
Than the times we stopped to score
The wastelands we been through before
Just because we know them
But our Gay glimpses disappear
Sabotaged by guilt and fear
And the demons whisper in our ear
That we can’t show them
We’re manikins all staunch and clean
While we scheme our hollow dreams
And we don’t believe men ought to cry for men
Because we’re trapped in Straight White Patterns
And they’re coming down again
So pay the price for Straight White Patterns
And don’t think of what might have been

We need these fears to vanish
But it seems like we’ve been banished
To the roles that mold these mannish
Modes of distance
We never seem to comprehend
That love is not some dividend
A plot to get more than we spend
Till out resistance
Gets ground down to the bone
Our hearts are out on loan
To strangers locked in stilted pantomime
But we buy them Straight White Patterns
Spend our lives in the five-and-dime
Where the price for Straight While Patterns
Is surrender to our gender one more time

How much time do we need alone
Fighting dragons on our own
While we hang our heads in woebegone
Waiting for men friends to return
A smile while stoic ulcers churn
Our guts to grit, when will we learn
That Gay is for the living
We just lay low and hide our pain
And do like we was trained
Our desperation’s easy to explain
We’re trapped in Straight White Patterns
And they’re coming down again
So pay the price for Straight White Patterns
And don’t think of what might have been

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