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Exclusive Premiere: The Bushwick Hotel Hit The Road In “Talk All Night / The Pressure”, Talk Ambitious New Brooklyn Venue/Market

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The Bushwick Hotel

Entering their third year as a band, Brooklyn-based rockers The Bushwick Hotel haven’t lost any of the energy that ultimately led to their formation in the first place.

Their inclusive creative spirit all began when Gregory Ferreira (vocals/guitar/keyboard/percussion) was working on his second solo release, Graffiti of the Young Man’s Mind, in his Bushwick recording studio, Live By the Sword. He then recruited Matt La Von (tenor, alto, and soprano sax/clarinet/background vocals), Erik Naslund (bass/background vocals), Rudy Temiz (slide guitar/background vocals), and Ben Teters (drums/background vocals) to take up residence at the studio for the best team building exercise I can imagine, with Graffiti serving as The Bushwick Hotel’s debut in late 2013.

Since then, the band has developed a reputation for a riotous live show with a sound and presence akin to an Elvis Costello-meets-Wilco vibe of which we’re proud to showcase further here. Speak Into My Good Eye has the exclusive premiere of The Bushwick Hotel’s live recorded video for “Talk All Night / The Pressure” below.

In conjunction with the video debut, the champions of the arts in Brooklyn are also readying an exciting new live venue/market space filling the void left by Brooklyn Night Bazaar’s untimely demise.

I caught up with The Bushwick Hotel to talk about the video, their new record set to drop later this year and Rock n’ Shop at The Paper Box. Check out the convo along with “Talk All Night / The Pressure” below.

SIMGE: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time out to talk. First and foremost, what have you been working on lately?

The Bushwick Hotel: Well, we’ve been working on our new record. It’s been about a year in the making since the demoing process. We have some…Spinal Tap-ish history with drummers so that slowed production a bit. It’s been a little hectic, but that wasn’t ever going to stop us.

SIMGE: Any idea how many tracks?

The Bushwick Hotel: It’s going to be ten tracks and we were feeling a little nineties so there’s a secret song at the end.

SIMGE: Tell me a little bit about the band’s creative dynamic.

The Bushwick Hotel: We’ve been working on the new album, but on top of that we also do visual art. The entire band participates in the process and we sell our pieces throughout various markets. Maker’s markets, artist’s markets, stuff like that.

Starting October 4th we’re creating our own new market. It’s going to be called Rock n’ Shop, it’s a rock n’ roll themed market with live music in Bushwick. It’ll be all ages with matinee shows. So people can go shopping, drinking, eating and get an idea of the mosaic of the Williamsburg/Bushwick lifestyles and culture. There’ll be everything from tattoo artists to food vendors to local artist all under one roof at The Paper Box. So it’ll be about a 5,000 square foot venue.

We’re very excited about that and excited also to bring back all ages matinee shows. You rarely ever see anything like that unless it’s a hardcore band or a punk show in New Jersey, but you just don’t see a lot of it going on in the city. I think it’s a great introduction to music for younger people instead of waiting to turn 21 for this whole world of venues and shows to open up to you.

SIMGE: And to be able to offer them a safe space like that.

The Bushwick Hotel: Yep! So that will be starting up Sunday, October 4th and it will be every Sunday after that. We want to be more than a band in that aspect, not necessarily just being creative, but propelling culture. The Bushwick Hotel is a great vehicle but this will be another one. We’ll have seven to ten bands playing a day.

SIMGE: Seven to ten a day?

The Bushwick Hotel: Yeah, all free shows.

SIMGE: Let’s talk about this video. You guys have new stuff seemingly almost ready to go. What made you come back to this?

The Bushwick Hotel: We originally thought that this was going to be the focus track off of the last record. But when people started hearing “Take Care Of My Girl“…we love that song but we didn’t think it would have a “mass appeal.”

We definitely thought that a song about giving your girlfriend away to Satan was going to be a lot less popular. It shows sometimes you can lay anything over a good beat.

“Talk All Night” is kind of the band’s party song. We had tried to make a video before but it wasn’t definitely a little bit grandiose. There was even talk of lasers at one point. But the film students we were working with indulged in a high level of inebriation, and they were great, but hadn’t quite mastered how to handle their booze.

Very nice people, they can’t drink. You’re never going to make it to Hollywood if you can’t drink Scotch.

SIMGE: As a former film school student, I’m ashamed on their behalf.

The Bushwick Hotel: Haha it’s all good! So after that we didn’t touch the song for awhile. We had a friend who works in fashion that wanted to direct a video and she listened to the whole album and picked the title track.

As we were putting it out the editor, Dale Thomas Krupla, got really into the music, started showing up to our shows and took video. He sort of became the band’s archival-ist in a weird way.

Eventually, we became really good friends and he went on tour with us. So he took a bunch of footage of us playing in various venues, and before you knew we had so much footage that’s how we ended up putting it all together. None of it is staged it’s just us playing all across the country.

SIMGE: I was actually in a music video that was the opposite of that experience once.

The Bushwick Hotel: And the thing we really like about Dale is that he’s got this Hunter S. Thompson/Gonzo aesthetic and the video reflects that. A lot of the time when he was shooting nobody knew which is a party hard thing to pull off.

The video is just a good representation of what we’re like live. Shot with love.

Rock n’ Shop will hold a Vendor Open House on September 3rd. Head here to RSVP.

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