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Exclusive Premiere: Take A “Punk Vacation” With Top Nachos

David Haynes September 18, 2018 News Comments Off

Top Nachos

Yes, summer is coming to a close. The cornfields are becoming mazes. The empty fields beside the mazes are transforming into haunted houses. And while pumpkin spice has begun wafting through the air, some of us still long for the sweet embrace of summer. How will we make it through the cold months ahead? ??Well, we could take a mini vacation with New Paltz’s “goof rock” band Top Nachos.

This brainchild of Eli Frank and Kenny Hauptman offers up some of the catchiest indie rock on the East Coast. It’s so refreshing to hear a band that writes songs with reckless abandon. Their past two releases, 2016’s EP and the this August’s Split with Rizzos, are chock full of danceable garage rock. It’s a discography fulquietfun! ??Top Nachos does not write songs for quiet, introspective evenings. Their songs are for dancing with your friends after building a tower of empty Miller High Life cans on your back porch. And it’s exactly what we need to keep us sane through the winter.

Their new record, Dank Side of the Moon, is being released on King Pizza Records on September 27th. Hear the newest single, “Punk Vacation” below, and pre-order the album here.

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