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Exclusive Premiere: YJY Shares The Stunning Video For “Amelia”

Mike Mehalick January 21, 2016 News No Comments


The best part of my job (not full time) here at Speak Into My Good Eye is getting to know extremely talented and just straight up genuinely nice and supportive people. If you’ve been following the tri-state scene over the past year or so, you’ve likely seen the name YJY pop up quite a bit and for good reason.

The quartet of Ricky Lorenzo, Tim Fitzpatrick and the Sachs’ Dave & Steve released an EP, Couch Surfin USA, back in July, have steadily risen with the profile of their live bookings while still staying true to NJ house shows, contributed to the 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge and, along with other collaborators, started the wonderful session/interview series, Carriage House TV. Also, they’re just really rad dudes that lead dope lives because they do dope shit.

So it should be no surprise at this point that YJY would turn in a gorgeous new video for Couch Surfin USA closer, “Amelia,” which SIMGE is fortunate enough to premiere exclusively today. The driving, hazy, wonderfully nostalgic song is appropriately matched with VHS visions of a cloud filled sky and colorful exposures of Steve Sachs waxing and having a moment of sorts with a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Understated, yet truly stark and stunning, as with most things YJY puts its name to, “Amelia” is the best music video I’ve seen so far early in this year and in months frankly.

In an e-mail with Dave Sachs, I further learned that the video for “Amelia” was inspired by the work of Kenneth Anger and a photo Steve took a few years back. Lorenzo handled the editing and Dean Luis Chuqui directed as the two have teamed up many times including on Carriage House TV.

“The coolest part of this whole project was the Beetle, which belongs to Louis Garzone, a good friend of mine from my days at Rutgers,” shares Dave. “Louis has been working on mopeds for years, buying rusted out old bikes, nursing them back to health and selling them. He recently decided to purchase an old beat up 1974 Volkswagen Beetle and try to bring it back to life. He succeeded. He added a fresh coat of bright orange paint, installed a tape deck and a stereo and replaced a bunch of parts. There would be no video without him and the Beetle.”

Watch YJY’s “Amelia” below and do yourself a favor and catch them live on Saturday, January 23rd at Shea Stadium with Worriers, Big Huge & Likers and at Happy Mondays on January 25th with Bay Faction & Deaf Rhino.

YJY – “Amelia” Official Music Video

Director: Dean Luis Chuqui
VHS Footage: Steve Sachs
Editor: Ricky Lorenzo
Producers: Palisades Motion Pictures & 95Films
Title Card Art: Sami Kaiser
Special Thanks: Louis Garzone, Conor Meara, and Kenneth Anger

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