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GayGuy/StraightGuy’s Self Titled Debut

Chris Rotolo May 4, 2012 New Music No Comments

As time marches on, the grandiosity of musical compositions have become increasingly less elaborate, with an emphasis on the provocation of the most primitive emotions rather than the expansion of the listeners mind through intricate layers of instrumentals.  Maybe it’s economical?  Have the effects of a faltering economy infiltrated the music world with the players coming to an all to real epiphany that meager post show sums can be stretched further over fewer bodies?  Or maybe it can simply be chalked up to the mega successes of such dynamic duos as The Black Keys, Sleigh Bells, and The White Stripes?  But, for whatever reason, local artists have figured it out, have gotten to the heart of it all, have discovered what music is truly about: expressing relatable sentiments from their personal condition and using it to tear a sensation from the soul of the listener…and it’s become crystalline that you don’t need more than two artists to construct that wall of sound.

And with that, Asbury’s own GayGuy/StraightGuy has joined the ranks of the deconstructed, begging the question: are we as an artistic community prepared to chip away at the term “Supergroup” and start to recognize such qualifying outfits as a “Super Duo?”  This venture featuring Bob Paulos (Give Me Static) and Nick Cucci (River City Extension) may start the trend.

The story goes, a few months back a gay guy and a straight t guy entered a room, a guitar racked to the left, a drum set up to the right, and wrote a song they loved so much that the process was repeated until four more compositions were added to the catalogue.  What emits from my speakers as I pen this piece is a finished product birthed from two minds slathered in a ‘90s Alternative-Rock marinade; an eclectic collection of Hard-Rock (1000 Suns), soaring and distorted Grunge (Turner), a gracefully meandering Bluesified number (Everyone Is Trying To Sell You Something) and a recklessly heavy trudge through the landscape of a character who makes sure to suck the life from everyday he spends above ground (Dustbuster).  However, it’s The Black Keys-esque piece, “This + That x Those = Yeah,” that stands above the rest.

Is GayGuy/StraightGuy blazing a new musical trail with its self-titled debut?  Not at all.  But maybe that isn’t what we need?  Maybe this experienced and overtly talented pairing has figured it out?  What the public wants, what it requires, is to feel something real at its core, because in a world so fake, where truth is rarely lifted from behind heavy coats of deceit, survival is based on the basic human need to be part of something bigger than yourself…and you need an artistic collective to carry you there.

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