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Guest Picks: Alex Rosen (The Battery Electric, Hot Blood) Recounts His Top Releases Of 2013

Chris Rotolo December 23, 2013 Features No Comments


Alex Rosen of the Asbury Park based Hard-Rock outfit The Battery Electric and Hardcore-Punk purveyors Hot Blood had an exciting 2013, as the former delivered a revered debut LP titled  Weaving Spiders on Little Dickman Records before dropping a pair of new single (“Dead Man’s Trunk” and “Ovulator”) and winning five Asbury Music Awards, while the latter dropped its self-titled debut EP to much avail in the basements of New Brunswick and the Boardwalk’s local Punk community.

Rosen recently submitted to SIMGE a list of his favorite releases from 2013. Check them out, and stream releases from The Battery Electric and Hot Blood, below, and be sure check out both bands at The Wonder Bar’s New Year’s Eve Loft Party alongside Amy Malkoff & The Moonshines and The Villanelles.  Find more information on that event here.

1. Kvelertak – Meir

One of my favorite bands out of norway and planet earth. Black n Roll Kings, Kvelertak’s new album is killer. It is different from their first self titled release. I would say that Meir is not as good an album, but it differs and has a more rock n roll feel than the first album. Regardless that it is not as strong start to finish as their first album, it is my favorite release from 2013. The single “Bruane Brenn” is great. My favorites on the album being “Månelyst” and “Kvelertak”. Also once again John Baizley did their album art work. So yeah. fucking buy this.

2. The Bronx – IV

The Bronx rules. I am not really into every track on this album. That being said. The Unholy Hand and Under the Rabbit are two FUCKING KILLER tracks! I find my opinion with every Bronx album besides the first is they are not solid records as a whole, but each record has a few songs that are just fucking amazing and it makes up for what other tracks lack. If you like the Bronx. You will find some tracks on this album you will love.

3. Deer Tick – Negativity

This band is great. I loved their prior release Divine Providence. Negativity is a good album. It is not their best but I like more of the full band rock kinda sound they have been doing lately. Opening track “The Rock” is great and so is “Dream’s in the Ditch”. Biggest problem with the album- the artwork and packaging is pretty bleh. I would recommend for fans of Deer Tick. People who have not heard them: start with Divine Providence.


Dennis Lyxzén from Refused and International Noise Conspiracy. Whatever he does. I am gonna check it out.

5. Bad Religion – True North

Bad Religion is Bad Religion. This album is very Bad Religion. It is also very good. Tracks like “True North”
are catchy and almost over too quickly. Overall an enjoyable album.

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