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Guest Picks: Jack Deezl Elaborates On His Top 8 Releases Of 2013

Chris Rotolo December 19, 2013 Features No Comments
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Jack Deezl (Photo: Kristen Driscoll)

Jersey Shore native and Philadelphia based Trip-Hop maestro Jack Deezl was active in 2013, dropping his own debut long-form collection, Disillusion, after composing a intuitive single titled “Harbinger”, while continuing to grow his burgeoning Electronic Dance Music imprint and artist collective Glitch Squad, which saw a multitude of releases from some of the scene’s most explosive underground artists including Architekt, Rogue Leader, Fried Monk, Speaker For The Dead, and many more.

Stream Jack Deezl’s debut full-lenghth, and check out his list of top eight releases from the year past, below.

1. Subglo – Sirens

Awesome debut EP from a new duo out of Philly. I’m really excited to see where these guys take their sound.

2. Louis Futon – Hear/Say

Fantastic EP from two college kids from Philly. These guys have a really great style, a nice mix of electronic production and legit musicianship with real instruments. I’m betting they’re gonna get huge in 2014.

3. Fried Monk – Fried Monk

I love this record. It reminds me of American Football meets old school hip-hop. Doesn’t sound like it’d work, but it does.

4. Shoeboxx Recordings Vol. One

I love this compilation. It’s a really promising start for this new label!

5. Tapes – Weapons

This guy is unreal. I play his tracks in every single DJ set. It’s so melodic and beautiful, but it also bangs really hard.

6. Starkey – Blaster

Starkey is a beast with his production skills, and this EP is epic from start to finish. It’s great to hear new club bangers from him, but it’s also cool to see him venturing into more cinematic territory with the last track “Flat Spin”

7. Clicks’n’Shit II: A Brief Experiment In Trip-Hop

A really interesting EP featuring lots of organic hip-hop beats blended with some otherworldly sounds. I think this guy’s work is genius.

8. JXLBeats – The Art Of The Chop

JXLBeats is my favorite underground hip-hop producer now, period. Another great EP from a super talented dude.

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