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Album Review: Hit Like A Girl – What Makes Love Last

Emily Klingman September 25, 2018 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Hit Like A Girl

Blending easygoing instrumentals with deeper, more intense lyrics, Hit Like A Girl’s newest album, What Makes Love Last, is an insight into the inner emotional storms that lie within everyone, yet few are vulnerable enough to share.

The album’s single, “Cold To Be Alone,” starts off with a slow build before finding a calming and timid space to exist. Lead vocalist Nicolle Maroulis uses her voice to effectively insert calm into the song’s lyrics. Written out, lines like “You keep clawing at my insides til there is nothing left” and “You did this to me” seem as if they should be delivered in a tone full of resentment. However, Maroulis’ melodic voice and the peaceful instrumentals carry a completely different feeling. They’re content, but almost as if they’ve been pushed into feeling nothing at all.

In the song “Know That you Have Me,” Maroulis and the rest of Hit Like A Girl use another gradual build to a steady beat. Combined with Maroulis’s melodic vocals, the band creates a safe sense of peace and contentment from within with this song. Although one of the shorter songs on the album, it captures listener’s attention with its earnest lyrics about simultaneously moving on from someone while also not letting the attachment to them go away.

As the most personal song off the album, “Plan B” is an acoustic track featuring Camille Faulkner, who plays violin for Julien Baker. Lyrically, it is an incredibly personal narrative of a sexual assault, and how the narrator grapples with the immediate aftereffects — which never go away.

The introduction of Faulkner’s violin brings feelings of sadness to the song. Her work is beautifully done, perfectly reflecting the song’s dark atmosphere. The entire song, both it’s lyrics and instrumentals, is a mournful piece, a longing for a time before it even happened at all.

Overall, What Makes Love Last is a thoughtful look at the idea of love, after the love is gone. Hit Like A Girl’s album features a peaceful over-arching musical theme, while lyrically diving into emotionally vulnerable places.

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