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SIMGE On The Scene: Pusher Pedals Launched Feat. Hot Blood, Executors & Hurricane In Mink At The Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd June 19, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Pusher Pedals held their launch party at the Wonder Bar on the 18th and brought in three punk styled bands for the kickoff. Pusher Pedals is a local company that “builds gear for musicians who spend their time playing gigs, not turning knobs”.

The bill for the evening featured Executors, Hurricane in Mink and Hot Blood.  The draw for me was Hot Blood. I had not seen them in a while and I was need of that primal energy they perform so well with. While the turnout was not what had been hoped for, I took full advantage of the room afforded me to get up close in personal with the bands, photographically speaking, which is a very rare occurrence when these bands are performing if you want to come out in one piece.

The selections from the evening:

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