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SIMGE On The Scene: Stu Hamm Band, No More Pain & Kevin Grewen Shredded The Saint

Phil Shepherd July 19, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Catching up from the early show on June 10th at The Saint in Asbury Park. The first bill of that evening was a show for musicians and serious music heads.  Lots of shredding, time changes and syncopated beats. It was a jaw dropping, head shaking three hours that I was very happy to have been at.

Kevin Grewen opened up the night with some masterful bass work and was joined by Chris Russo on drums for a quick set.

No More Pain turned it up and let loose in a most progressive fashion paving the way for the Stu Hamm Band to absolutely blow the place apart. It is not often we are treated to a set of fusion of this magnitude and not often a trio of  musicians like this visits a small club and I am able to go catch them. Joining Stu Hamm was guitarist Alex Skolnick and drummer Joel Taylor. Just, Wow. No matter what great things are in store for us the rest of the summer in Asbury Park, this one night will stand out to me.

The choice selections from the evening:

KevinGrewen710_PShepherd-18 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-9 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-11 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-22 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-27 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-30 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-35 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-37 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-50 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-61 NoMorePain710_PShepherd-74 StuHamm710_PShepherd-15 StuHamm710_PShepherd-19 StuHamm710_PShepherd-24 StuHamm710_PShepherd-29 StuHamm710_PShepherd-33 StuHamm710_PShepherd-48 StuHamm710_PShepherd-58 StuHamm710_PShepherd-67 StuHamm710_PShepherd-86 StuHamm710_PShepherd-117 KevinGrewen710_PShepherd-6 KevinGrewen710_PShepherd-8 KevinGrewen710_PShepherd-10 KevinGrewen710_PShepherd-14

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