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SIMGE On The Scene: Wreaths, Sharkmuffin, & Lost Boy? Davey Jones Jammed Out At The Carousel

Phil Shepherd July 21, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Sundown at the Carousel, Part two. While I was not able to attend part one of this new affair, I made sure I was at part two. Cooldad Music, Little Dickman Records and Arcade Radio have put together a really cool event at an even cooler location.  This 90+ year old structure has been in decay for quite a few years now and was even listed on ebay last year for a cool $250,000. And while it may be sporadically utilized for special occasions, if the event organizers can get this off the ground and into a regular affair we could see some really good things happening here. And, it is a great spot for photos!

This week’s show featured three indie bands bathed in garage rock and psychedelic grunge. The acoustics are good, nothing fell apart and all sorts of curious spectators made their way into the building to see what was going on.

Lost Boy? was the scheduled opener, but it appears most of the band, well, was lost, but Guitarist Davey Jones did make it, turned in a solo set and then jumped in and jammed out with Little Dickman recording artist Sharkmuffin for their set.  As the sun went down, Wreaths hit the platform stage and their sounds blended in perfectly with the ambiance created in the building from the light dissipating through the windows.

Word has it the Organizers have at least one more show confirmed for later in the summer and are working to get a date set much sooner to keep the momentum going. Let us hope so, it is a must attend event.

The Choice selections from the evening:

LostBoy_PShepherd-4 LostBoy_PShepherd-6 LostBoy_PShepherd-8 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-6 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-11 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-12 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-15 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-19 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-25 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-31 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-47 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-52 Sharkmuffin_PShepherd-53 Wreaths_PShepherd-8 Wreaths_PShepherd-13 Wreaths_PShepherd-15 Wreaths_PShepherd-16 Wreaths_PShepherd-19 Wreaths_PShepherd-20 Wreaths_PShepherd-23 Wreaths_PShepherd-30 Wreaths_PShepherd-37 Wreaths_PShepherd-40 LostBoy_PShepherd LostBoy_PShepherd-2


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