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SIMGE On The Scene: Saintseneca, Accidental Seabirds, Dentist & More Played Asbury Lanes

Phil Shepherd July 31, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

My obsession with some indie-folk sounds continue and led me to Asbury Lanes. It was a bit of a diverse bill actually, and we had a tour kick off and some touring visitors come into town.

Bone and Marrow started things off for the night. It was cool seeing them on the acoustics of an indoor stage after I had just seen them perform outdoors at Soulsational Festival.

Dentist is always a sweet sound and it was their last gig with drummer Andy Bova.  I always love seeing Accidental Seabirds. Free and always joyful in their presentation. They will be hitting the road shortly and I may even have a chance to catch them during their travels. That would be very cool, seeing some local boys 700 miles from home.

Travelers themselves, Radiator Hospital turned it up and brought in some fuzz before the nights main act hit the stage.

Saintseneca is from Columbus, Ohio and they are the latest band that has come through the area and prove to us Ohio is putting out some really good music too.  They will be taking a small jaunt through New England before returning to Brooklyn for a show on August 8th. Check them out if you get the chance.

The selections from the evening:

AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-6 AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-10
AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-20 AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-24 AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-32 AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-35 AccidentalSeabirds730_PShepherd-44 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-3 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-8 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-11 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-14 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-23 BoneandMarrow730_PShepherd-31 Dentist730_PShepherd-3 Dentist730_PShepherd-10 Dentist730_PShepherd-15 Dentist730_PShepherd-24 Dentist730_PShepherd-35 Dentist730_PShepherd-40 Dentist730_PShepherd-54 Dentist730_PShepherd-64 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-2 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-26 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-34 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-43 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-45 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-52 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-61 RadiatorHospital730_PShepherd-66 SaintSeneca_PShepherd SaintSeneca_PShepherd-19 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-25 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-47 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-58 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-66 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-75 SaintSeneca_PShepherd-80

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