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SIMGE On The Scene: Deaf Rhino, The Black Clouds & Super Snake Kicked Off August At Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 4, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

This week’s Happy Mondays proved to be quite the raucous affair as three, hard and heavy bands graced the stage of Asbury Parks Wonder Bar. Returning stalwarts Deaf Rhino and The Black Clouds were joined by Super Snake as we kicked off the new month with a purpose. Good crowds, good music, good times.

The August happiness continues next week with Bobby Mahoney & the Seventh Son, Ian Bamberger Trio and Morningside Lane.

The choice selections from the evening:

BlackClouds83_PShepherd-12 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-18 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-26 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-29 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-32 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-4 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-37 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-41 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-43 BlackClouds83_PShepherd-53 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-14 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-30 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-40 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-45 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-53 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-57 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-64 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-76 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-81 DeafRhino83_PShepherd-86 SuperSnake_PShepherd-8 SuperSnake_PShepherd-14 SuperSnake_PShepherd-16 SuperSnake_PShepherd-19 SuperSnake_PShepherd-23 SuperSnake_PShepherd-25 SuperSnake_PShepherd-27 SuperSnake_PShepherd-35 SuperSnake_PShepherd-53 SuperSnake_PShepherd-59


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