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SIMGE On The Scene: Western Star, Semiotics & Fun While You Wait Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd September 3, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

The third time’s the charm, or is it the fourth? Regardless, Semiotics got to complete their set in full power mode at this week’s Happy Mondays. Mother Nature has thrown the boys some curve balls over the past few months and persistence does indeed overcome resistance. Very happy they finally got their set in, good job for a long time coming.

A first time for me hearing and watching the Freehold group, Fun While You Wait. Three piece outfit that does not take life to seriously but puts in some serious songs. They will be at Super Groove Festival this weekend.

Returning to the Wonder Bar stage on their current tour, from Baltimore with a heavy southern influence, Western Star opened up the night with a mix of power grooves, a little blues and some straight on rock and roll. I caught them last year too, so it was great catching up with them again.

On tap for next Monday will be InCircles, Vestibule, Grey Goes Black and Doug Zambon!

The choice selections from the evening:

FunWait831_PShepherd-4 FunWait831_PShepherd-5 FunWait831_PShepherd-8 FunWait831_PShepherd-14
FunWait831_PShepherd-16 FunWait831_PShepherd-17 FunWait831_PShepherd-23 FunWait831_PShepherd-36 FunWait831_PShepherd-41 FunWait831_PShepherd-50 Semiotics831_PShepherd-10 Semiotics831_PShepherd-14 Semiotics831_PShepherd-15 Semiotics831_PShepherd-24 Semiotics831_PShepherd-35 Semiotics831_PShepherd-38 Semiotics831_PShepherd-41 Semiotics831_PShepherd-47 Semiotics831_PShepherd-48 Semiotics831_PShepherd-57 WesternStar831_PShepherd-8 WesternStar831_PShepherd-19 WesternStar831_PShepherd-22 WesternStar831_PShepherd-23 WesternStar831_PShepherd-35 WesternStar831_PShepherd-37 WesternStar831_PShepherd-41 WesternStar831_PShepherd-47 WesternStar831_PShepherd-50 WesternStar831_PShepherd-56

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