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SIMGE On The Scene: Deal Casino, Renee Maskin, Mark Melicia + More Played Asbury Unplugged

Phil Shepherd September 18, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Asbury Unplugged is back! I always look forward to these intimate affairs for the chilled out and laid back atmosphere they bring and the Wonder Bar and Dark City always add a little extra cozy touch to the seating arrangements. There were quite a few people in attendance, a really nice turn out for a Thursday night.  Now that the summer craziness is gone we are hoping Asbury Unplugged gets back to its regular scheduled monthly programming.  If this week’s edition was any indication, we have some good things to look forward to.

On the bill for the evening was Carter Henry, Renee Maskin, Chris Brown,  Mr. Sound man himself – Frank Natale, Musician turned lawyer turned Brewery Owner – Jeff Plate, Zach Moyle from Lost in Society, Mark Melicia from Parlor Mob, and Deal Casino. Seeing Frank on stage was great, the man has some serious pipes. Never underestimate the sound guy!

The choice selections from the evening:

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