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SIMGE on the SCENE: ROMP, Semiotics, Dollys, Monterey & Deal Casino Crushed The Court Tavern

Phil Shepherd February 1, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments


This was an exciting bill from top to bottom and I immediately cleared the schedule so my wife and I could attend this alternative bash when I saw it listed. Off on a quick tangent, choosing a genre to describe a band often makes me cringe at the categorization of that often necessary labeling. How does the music make you feel, good or not. It matters not to me what style is of music is presented as long as attention is held and emotion is felt. With that out of the way, this lineup was great from the first note of the night to the last.

While we were making the trek up to the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, I tried to fill my wife in on the bands we were going to see. Our musical backgrounds and tastes are a bit different and I was actually nervous, hoping she would find as much enjoyment from them as I do. The Court Tavern has a great sounding system in place, and while I should not have been surprised because of their history, I was. The lighting was very uneven for us photo types and perhaps I should have broken out a flash, but that would be cheating. Next time I am there though, I will have no reservations about using one. A evil necessity. Cool Dad was also in attendance with his masterful, mirrorless rig and captured some really clean shots.

I had never seen ROMP before, and yes they are tight. My last interaction with basement rulers Semiotics was cut short when a very important pipe burst, forcing them into an all-acoustic set. It was great seeing their unit as a whole and with electricity.

Dollys is always a pleasure to listen to and I did not even noticed the lack of a 2nd guitarist. Home from the first leg of their tour, the deep felt emotion of Monterey burst open the damn for the fury of Deal Casino. Deal Casino broke out two new songs for us and are currently gearing a new EP for late spring release.

Semiotics will be at Happy Mondays Feb 2, Monterey heads south on the next leg of their tour (Eat the Ribs!), and Deal Casino hits up Arlene’s Grocery on the 6th.  The choice shots of the evening:

DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-8 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-13 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-16 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-22 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-34 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-42 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-53 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-57 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-62 DealCasinoCT_PShepherd-78 DollyCT_PShepherd-6 DollyCT_PShepherd-10 DollyCT_PShepherd-12 DollyCT_PShepherd-13 DollyCT_PShepherd-20 DollyCT_PShepherd-28 DollyCT_PShepherd-32 DollyCT_PShepherd-37 DollyCT_PShepherd-44 DollyCT_PShepherd-45 MontereyCT_PShepherd-8 MontereyCT_PShepherd-11 MontereyCT_PShepherd-13 MontereyCT_PShepherd-19 MontereyCT_PShepherd-20 MontereyCT_PShepherd-26 MontereyCT_PShepherd-34 MontereyCT_PShepherd-44 MontereyCT_PShepherd-46 MontereyCT_PShepherd-50 ROMP_PShepherd-3 ROMP_PShepherd-6 ROMP_PShepherd-13 ROMP_PShepherd-17 ROMP_PShepherd-27 ROMP_PShepherd-32 ROMP_PShepherd-39 ROMP_PShepherd-44 ROMP_PShepherd-63 ROMP_PShepherd-67 Semiotics_PShepherd-11 Semiotics_PShepherd-14 Semiotics_PShepherd-18 Semiotics_PShepherd-20 Semiotics_PShepherd-27 Semiotics_PShepherd-41 Semiotics_PShepherd-45 Semiotics_PShepherd-51 Semiotics_PShepherd-53 Semiotics_PShepherd-57

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