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SIMGE On The Scene: Tam Garcia, Joe Miller, Colton Kayser, Ron Santee, Deal Casino + More Played Asbury Unplugged

Phil Shepherd February 21, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments


Asbury Unplugged is a monthly series presented by Dark City entertainment and held at the Wonder Bar. The scaled back night out features many local artists some of which are in their natural environment and some in a more isolated, away from their band environment. It is always a great time being able to mingle a bit and converse with the artists, and always filled with some very fine performances.

This month’s outing featured Jimmy Farkas, Jeff Plate, Tam Garcia, Joe Miller, Joshua Mark, Tim Walsh, Matt Cincotta, Ron Santee, Colton Kayser and Deal Casino.

 Colton Kayser stepped in during Joe Miller’s set with a little Harmonica accompaniment, and Joe Parella joined Colton for a duet with a song they wrote together. Joe P was scheduled for this bill as a solo artist but we all got a treat as the whole band got on stage and joined him. Ron Santee warmed up his cords for the Battery Electric record release party and Tam Garcia swooned the ladies with his ever passionate vocal range.

Head on over to Dark City Entertainment and stay up to date for next month’s offerings and more. The choice selections for the evening, including some close ups!

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