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SIMGE On The Scene: Black Wail, Von Mons & Deal Casino Joined In The Battery Electric’s CD Release Party

Phil Shepherd February 22, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

The Heart and the Thrill, the latest full length offering from Asbury Park powerhouse The Battery Electric, debuted Feb 21 at the Asbury Lanes. Despite Mother Nature dumping four inches of snow and ice on us during the late afternoon, a packed house turned out for the CD release party and took in sets from Black Wail, Von Mons and Deal Casino prior to The Battery Electric taking the stage.

The front of the stage gained more attention with each band and by the time the Denim Elite got up, the mosh pit was in full effect. Unlike a few other photographers, I only managed to hang in the up close for one song and took to the wings for a more stable and secure vantage point. Trying to get a shot while arms are flailing, bodies are bumping and fluids are flying proved a bit difficult for me. All in great fun though as it was an intense and incredible high energy evening, filled with great music and great people.

If you missed the show, you can check out a single from the new release here, and pre-order the CD, due to be released to the public on March 10th, here.

Some choice selections from the event:

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