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SIMGE on the Scene: Deal Casino Video Release Party With Dave Hill & Dentist

Phil Shepherd March 4, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

The Stone Pony, a Tuesday night.  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, slush and ice. These elements had no bearing on the outcome of the video premiere of Forty Five from Asbury Park stalworth Deal Casino.  The first of the new “secret event” series to be held at The Pony was a tremendous success and the amount of people that attended surprised many. Such is what Deal Casino has become. They are a rising foursome that has honed their presence and their music rapidly over the past seven months all while remaining humble and true to their roots. The band displays varying styles, they are not afraid to test the waters and have begun spreading their sounds outward to the metro areas of NYC and soon to be, Philadelphia.

Forty Five is the second major video release we have seen from the always energetic musicians, and is a follow up to the Bang Bang Bang release from their most recent EP HECK.  Forty Five is a song about a forlorn love affair with a coworker who just happens to be the bosses wife. Or as I was driving home and listening to it, maybe it is about a group of young men setting out to concur the suits in the towers of the largest record labels and the affair is with the independent folk that many new artists sign with. All in the interpretation.  I think it has a very Greenwich Village feel to it as I can see myself surfing the streets and hanging out in the park, watching the Guardian Angels stroll by.

The night was kicked off with comedian Dave Hill who also showed us his guitar chops with short renditions of both the old and the new. Musical guest Dentist performed a magnificent set, smoothing the seas before Deal Casino shared their newest video and stormed through their performance.

Deal Casino is currently in the studio working on their next EP,  slated for a late spring release. Can we expect another party? One certainly hopes so.

The choice selections from the evening:

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