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SIMGE On The Scene: Deal Casino, City Limits, Monterey, Amy Malkoff & More Played When Scenes Collide At The Stone Pony

Phil Shepherd March 23, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Two music scenes, one entrenched underground in basements the other embedded in history. Both a hotbed of talent and incredibly active in supporting their local musicians. When Scenes Collide was the mastermind of Dark City Entertainment, and in association with The Court Tavern a snowy first day of spring welcomed the melding of bands from New Brunswick and Asbury Park. And although the weather certainly affected the turnout at The Stone Pony, people still filtered in throughout the evening to check out their favorite acts.  There was some talk of a battle of the bands, but this was all in jest as all of these acts frequently play in each other’s backyards.

Performing from New Brunswick were City Limits, Feeny, The Black Sox Scandal and Nghtcrawlers while the Asbury Park side of the coin featured Monterey, Plato Zorba,  Amy Malkoff and the Moonshines and Deal Casino.

The light show for the evening was heavy with white spots shining into the crowd, I figured that was the light guy showing the watchers and listeners how it feels to be on stage. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I did my best at taking advantage of the situation and played with a lot of lens flare.  The choice selections from the evening:

AmyMalkoff320_PShepherd-41 AmyMalkoff320_PShepherd-49 AmyMalkoff320_PShepherd-72 BlackSoxScandal320_PShepherd-8 BlackSoxScandal320_PShepherd-10 BlackSoxScandal320_PShepherd-18 BlackSoxScandal320_PShepherd-23 BlackSoxScandal320_PShepherd-32 CityLimits_PShepherd-17 CityLimits_PShepherd-21 CityLimits_PShepherd-29 CityLimits_PShepherd-32 CityLimits_PShepherd-44 DealCasino320_PShepherd-31 DealCasino320_PShepherd-60 DealCasino320_PShepherd-99 DealCasino320_PShepherd-104 DealCasino320_PShepherd-127 Feeny320_PShepherd-10 Feeny320_PShepherd-45 Feeny320_PShepherd-58 Feeny320_PShepherd-68 Feeny320_PShepherd-71 Monterey_PShepherd-9 Monterey_PShepherd-40 Monterey_PShepherd-50 Monterey_PShepherd-64 Monterey_PShepherd-78 Nightcrawler_PShepherd-5 Nightcrawler_PShepherd-8 Nightcrawler_PShepherd-14 Nightcrawler_PShepherd-16 Nightcrawler_PShepherd-29 PlatoZorba320_PShepherd-14 PlatoZorba320_PShepherd-28 PlatoZorba320_PShepherd-37 PlatoZorba320_PShepherd-51 PlatoZorba320_PShepherd-61 AmyMalkoff320_PShepherd-3 AmyMalkoff320_PShepherd-21

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