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SIMGE On the Scene: Only Living Boy & Deal Casino Joined Brave Baby At Asbury Lanes

Phil Shepherd May 20, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Hearts and Plugs recording artists and South Carolina natives Brave Baby kicked off a four day run of northern cities with a stop at Asbury Lanes. This alternative quintet would fit quite nicely in the Asbury Park music scene and I am really glad I got the chance to see them. Their music is happy, filled with a laid back coolness and easy vibe that just may be attributed to their homelands. Their first album, Forty Bells, is an eleven track masterpiece and was released in 2013. They will have a new release out this summer and hopefully we influenced them enough to come back around and see us on the follow up.

Joining Brave Baby for the night was Only Living Boy and Deal Casino. It had been a while since I had seen New Jersey’s rising stars and they just continue to get tighter and improve. A special guest appearance from Dollys bassist Erik Romero filling in for Jon Rodney went off without a hitch. Being their sound engineer and already knowing all the songs certainly proved beneficial.

Only Living Boy opened up the evening and I do believe they were the perfect beginning for me and my five day run of music. More recaps to come!

For those of you wondering about the parking at The Lanes, well, it is difficult. The road is still a mess, but you can grab a spot in the lot right across the street. Do not hesitate going to a show because of what the road looks like!

The choice selections from the evening:

BraveBaby514_PShepherd-28 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-47 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-55 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-68 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-73 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-80 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-91 DealCasino514_PShepherd-3 DealCasino514_PShepherd-11 DealCasino514_PShepherd-20 DealCasino514_PShepherd-39 DealCasino514_PShepherd-50 DealCasino514_PShepherd-85 DealCasino514_PShepherd-93 DealCasino514_PShepherd-114 DealCasino514_PShepherd-120 DealCasino514_PShepherd-126 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-6 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-12 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-16 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-17 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-29 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-40 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-55 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-56 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-60 OnlyLivingBoy514_PShepherd-62 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-3 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-6 BraveBaby514_PShepherd-25



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