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SIMGE On The Scene: Dollys Kicked Off Their Tour w/ Perennial Reel, Armstrong Leigh & The Cold Seas At Asbury Lanes

Phil Shepherd June 4, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

New Brunswick based band, and frequent visitors to Asbury Park, Dollys, held their mini tour kick off show at Asbury Lanes. I had recently seen Dollys poolside at the Jersey Shore Festival and I had a chance to really take in their on stage personalities.

No jockeying for position, no concentrating on ever changing camera settings since it was daylight, the stars aligning for me to do what I do and really dive into the music without distraction. Having set the line, the band drew me in to taking a Tuesday night ride up to Asbury and there they set the hook. Infectious melodies, driving bass lines and harmonious guitar filling it out. And, primary vocalist Natalie, lays down an incredible amount of energy and rhythm from a snare, kick and a couple of cymbals.

Alternative pop? I am not really into classifications, just music, pure and clean and wonderful to listen to.

Showing their support for the night were The Cold Seas, Perennial Reel and a duo from Austin, Texas that gained many new fans, Armstrong Leigh.

Dollys will be at Happy Mondays on June 15th, and holding a CD release party on June 19th at the Court Tavern. Check them out!

The selections for the evening.

ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-58 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-76 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-80 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-81 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-83 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-91 ColdSeas62_PShepherd ColdSeas62_PShepherd-4 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-8 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-21 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-23 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-29 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-33 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-35 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-41 ColdSeas62_PShepherd-59 Dollys62_PShepherd-8 Dollys62_PShepherd-22 Dollys62_PShepherd-28 Dollys62_PShepherd-42 Dollys62_PShepherd-44 Dollys62_PShepherd-54 Dollys62_PShepherd-59 Dollys62_PShepherd-68 Dollys62_PShepherd-75 Dollys62_PShepherd-89 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-11 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-21 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-26 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-32 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-37 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-44 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-47 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-56 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-67 Perennial Reel62_PShepherd-68 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-2 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-7 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-9 ArmstrongLeigh62_PShepherd-18



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