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SIMGE On The Scene: Garden State Line, Deal Casino & Accidental Seabirds Kicked Off Gentlemen of the Road’s Seaside Stop

Phil Shepherd June 5, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

The Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Seaside Heights kicked off Thursday night with some outdoor festivities on the free stage at Franklin and Ocean. This stage and the sound system it held is no joke, a headliners stage all set up in a dirt and gravel parking lot, one block in from the beach.

Great to see the performers taken care of. The streets are lined with merch tents and expensive selections of drink, more drink than merch it seemed. The rain held off long enough for the evening bands to get in their sets without a hitch. Throughout the evening the campers were walking in with some pulling wagons, some hoisting packs on their backs and a few just carrying their personal items to chill for the night on the beach. And it was cold and windy!

Walking in to a ten person crowd as Von Mons were just finishing up their set was a bit concerning, but as the evening went on more and more people showed up, seemingly out of nowhere. I took in Garden State Line, Deal Casino and Accidental Seabirds before heading out around ten.

Looks like it is going to be a wild weekend in the Heights, it you are going stay safe and bring warm clothes!

The selections from the evening:

AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-14 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-15 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-27 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-30 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-34 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-36 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-42 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-47 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-60 DealCasino64_PShepherd-33 DealCasino64_PShepherd-64 DealCasino64_PShepherd-71 DealCasino64_PShepherd-92 DealCasino64_PShepherd-120 DealCasino64_PShepherd-124 DealCasino64_PShepherd-138 DealCasino64_PShepherd-143 DealCasino64_PShepherd-150 DealCasino64_PShepherd-161 GSL64_PShepherd-9 GSL64_PShepherd-17 GSL64_PShepherd-18 GSL64_PShepherd-35 GSL64_PShepherd-42 GSL64_PShepherd-43 GSL64_PShepherd-58 GSL64_PShepherd-59 GSL64_PShepherd-70 GSL64_PShepherd-73 VonMons64_PShepherd VonMons64_PShepherd-3 VonMons64_PShepherd-6 VonMons64_PShepherd-8 AccidentalSeabirds64_PShepherd-9

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