SIMGE On The Scene: River City Extension, Braeves, Deal Casino Closed The Seaside Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover

Phil Shepherd June 9, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Taking in the last day of the free shows hosted by the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Seaside, I headed over to Jax Garage to check out a few bands before hitting up River City Extension at the after show small stage. What I did not encounter on Thursday evening certainly hit me on Saturday, lack of available Parking.  The available and private lots for parking were charging $25 – $30, I actually laughed in a few of their faces since these were the same lots that were charging $5 on Thursday. After about twenty minutes of driving around I headed over to park in Seaside Park and took the walk back into the Heights.

When I arrived at Jax, the opening band was already on their last song, but more importantly for me, the biggest thing I did notice was that the stage was very small and very dark. Photographically speaking. After popping off a few test shots I knew I would be forced to put on the flash to get anything usable. I always hesitate to deploy the make your own light tool, I am overly self-conscious about it distracting or annoying the performers. When queried, they all say they do not even notice it. I am unsure if they are being polite or do they really do not see it.

Moving along, the lineup for the evening at Jax Garage featured Bounders, from Asbury Park; Terrible Terrible, from Fanwood; Braeves, from NYC and Deal Casino.  Sound was pretty good and they had normal, 45 minute set times. Braeves was exceptional, and when Deal Casino hit the stage the members of Modern Chemistry and Rose Boulevard seemingly came out of nowhere to show their support. With each band performing and the crowd inside becoming larger and larger, I did inquire  with one of the security guys about the potential for special guests, he said it had been confirmed. Being packed in like a sardine can is not my thing and it was time to hit up RCE.

The final selections from Jax Garage:

Bounders_PShepherd-2 Bounders_PShepherd-3 Braeve_PShepherd Braeve_PShepherd-2 Braeve_PShepherd-3 Braeve_PShepherd-4 Braeve_PShepherd-5 Braeve_PShepherd-6 DealCasino66_PShepherd DealCasino66_PShepherd-3 DealCasino66_PShepherd-8 DealCasino66_PShepherd-12 DealCasino66_PShepherd-19 DealCasino66_PShepherd-28 DealCasino66_PShepherd-52 DealCasino66_PShepherd-61 TerribleTerrible_PShepherd TerribleTerrible_PShepherd-2 TerribleTerrible_PShepherd-3 Bounders_PShepherd


I Headed over to the smaller outdoor stage for the 11:15 start time for River City Extension, all while knowing there would be a surprise guest appearance again at Jax of a certain headliner, in this case there were two, I understand The Boss showed up as well.  I am a firm believer in the fresh air fund and the fresh air would quickly be dwindling as a larger crowd began pouring in as I left.

River City drew a very nice crowd, had a really good set and as they make Toms River their home, they were very thankful to see Seaside becoming whole once again.  I was very thankful to see a mellower, earthy crowd infiltrate the beachfront town.


The RCE selections from the evening:

RCE66_PShepherd-99 RCE66_PShepherd-105 RCE66_PShepherd-112 RCE66_PShepherd-132 RCE66_PShepherd-9 RCE66_PShepherd-26 RCE66_PShepherd-45 RCE66_PShepherd-63 RCE66_PShepherd-70 RCE66_PShepherd-87


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