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SIMGE On The Scene: Next To None, The Dark Matters & No More Pain Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd October 8, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Every now and then I feel the need to get back to my musical roots. I was a bit of a Prog head growing up, listening to the likes of Genesis, Yes, ELP, Kansas and Rush and when the desire hits to take in some shear musical artistry, off beat time signatures and scintillating solos it seems like I usually end up at The Saint.

Tuesday night’s adventures included quite a surprise in the form of a certain teenage boy band. Only the crowd was not full of screaming young girls, but it did include like-minded individuals as myself who were there to take in some amazing music, and a few sets of parents. I have a feeling that there may be some screaming fans for them back home though as well as some of the jealous sort, envious of their upbringing and musical styles.

Next to None is a progressive rock band from Pennsylvania comprised of 16 and 17 year olds. Together for almost three  years the group writes their own music and has already released a three song EP and is currently working on some material for a full length offering. Their set was an absolute thing of beauty. Led by the abundant energy coming from Vocalist/Keyboardist Thomas Cuce and the ever driving drumming of Max Portnoy (yes, that Portnoy) the group  showed musical prowess well beyond their years. Yes, all the vocals sound young and they are still getting their stage nerves worked out but remember, Sixteen and Seventeen. Progressive Rock. On a Tour. Check them out on You Tube, some incredible stuff.  And if you were wondering, yes, Mr. Mike Portnoy was in attendance with his wife and even introduced the band.

No More Pain seems to be the common theme for me and my prog rock visits. This quartet never disappoints and plays music for musicians. Always holding your attention, thinking of new ways to make you shake your head and drop your jaw. And bassist John Moroney has some really wicked hair.

It was my first time seeing New Brunswick based, The Dark Matters. Another strong set to close out the night. They will be at Tenth Street Live in Kenilworth on Saturday October tenth.

The choice selections from the evening:

No More Pain

NoMorePain106_PShepherd-23 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-43 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-46 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-91 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-102 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-112 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-3 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-11 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-14 NoMorePain106_PShepherd-18

Next to None

NexttoNone106_PShepherd-47 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-63 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-69 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-92 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-108 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-128 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-144 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-146 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-3 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-19 NexttoNone106_PShepherd-43

The Dark Matters

TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-37 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-43 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-51 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-59 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-66 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-71 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-77 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-89 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-3 TheDarkMatters106_PShepherd-35

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