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SIMGE On The Scene: New Strange, Negative Traction & Cicada Radio Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 29, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

It was a hard and heavy month for Happy Mondays in October and the final installment added a bit of punk flair in to the mix. It was a special treat for me as I had never seen any of the bands on the bill live.

Doing the standard three band bill for a nice sized crowd, we had another Ohio touring  band come in and give us a really good set of music. Every band from the buckeye state that has come through Asbury for the Dark City shows has been memorable and top notch.  New Strange is from Cincinnati, check them out for awesome hard core sounds.

Belmar boys, Negative Traction had the entertainment award for the evening. Let’s just say if you wanted to stay dry, the front of the stage was not the place to be unless you wanted to play catch.

Coming down from Hudson County and kicking off a tour of their own, Cicada Radio put in the set of the night for me. Definitely will be adding them to my list.

A very special Happy Mondays is kicking off November. Two personal favorites of mine, Deal Casino and Lowlight will be joined by Sink Tapes to help us celebrate the birthday of Dark City Entertainments own Christine Feola. Should be a raucous affair.

The choice selections from the evening:

New Strange

NewStrange_PShepherd-17 NewStrange_PShepherd-26 NewStrange_PShepherd-27 NewStrange_PShepherd-35 NewStrange_PShepherd-38 NewStrange_PShepherd-49 NewStrange_PShepherd-51 NewStrange_PShepherd-57 NewStrange_PShepherd-10 NewStrange_PShepherd-11Negative Traction

NegativeTraction_PShepherd-7 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-9 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-15 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-25 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-26 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-31 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-33 NegativeTraction_PShepherd-37 NegativeTraction_PShepherd NegativeTraction_PShepherd-5Cicada Radio

CicadaRadio_PShepherd-10 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-13 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-24 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-28 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-31 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-44 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-53 CicadaRadio_PShepherd-56 CicadaRadio_PShepherd CicadaRadio_PShepherd-7

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