SIMGE On The Scene: Screaming Females & Lost in Society Headlined Convention Hell

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Ghouls, goblins and creatures of unknown origin traveled to Convention Hell on Halloween to take in not only a great night of music, but attend a great party as well. Dark City Entertainment put together a beast of an outing complete with props, lighting and lots of smoke machine to give it a nice eerie and spooky vibe.  I do not know the final head count, but there had to be at least 600 party goers filling the cavernous room in Asbury’s Convention Hall.  Very cool event.



I was busy all night long  grabbing portraits of the costumed revelers as they walked in, but of course as soon as the music started I made sure to grab a songs worth of photos from each band to share with you.

Staying with the local acts covering a popular band theme the night opened up with members of Yawn Mower and Ether Sunday rolling through a set of Nirvana. Members of the Parlor Mob and the Bouncing Souls combined for a set of Hall and Oates, well I think there were lots of Oates, struck a nerve in the crowd and had everyone singing along and even a few slow dancers were milling about.

Des and the Swagmatics gave us one of the most soulful sets of Stevie Wonder ever heard. The one I was most curious about was Dentist. They gave us their own spin on Green Day and it turned out great. Screaming Females powered through a set from old time punk rockers X. I have heard so much about them, but this was the first time I had seen this New Brunswick trio.

Closing out the night Lost in Society, dressed in perfect outfits, cranked through a set of The Clash. Can’t get much better than that.  If you were not in attendance for this extravaganza, circle the date for next year now. I was not at the 2014 party, but I certainly will make the 2016 one.

A few choice selections from the evening:

Nirvana (Ether Sunday/Yawn Mower)

NirvSun_PShepherd-8 Nirv_PShepherd-3 NirvSun_PShepherd-3 Nirv_PShepherd-8 Nirv_PShepherd-7 Nirv_PShepherd-6

Green Day (Dentist)

DentistDay_PShepherd-8 DentistDay_PShepherd-11 DentistDay_PShepherd-14 DenDay_PShepherd-5 DenDay_PShepherd-10 DentistDay_PShepherd-2

Hall and Oates (Parlor Mob/Bouncing Souls)

PalorHall_PShepherd-4 PalorHall_PShepherd-24 PalorHall_PShepherd-25 ParlorHall_PShepherd ParlorHall_PShepherd-16 ParlorHall_PShepherd-21


Stevie Wonder (Des and the Swagmatics)

DesWonder_PShepherd DesWonder_PShepherd-7 DesWonder_PShepherd-8 DesWonder_PShepherd-9 DesWonder_PShepherd-17 DesWonder_PShepherd-26

X (Screaming Females)

XFemales_PShepherd-8 XFemales_PShepherd-22 ScreamingX_PShepherd-7 ScreamingX_PShepherd-13 ScreamingX_PShepherd-18 ScreamingX_PShepherd-22

The Clash (Lost in Society)

LostClash_PShepherd-31 LostClash_PShepherd-45 LostClash_PShepherd-50 LostClash_PShepherd-51 LostClash_PShepherd-15 LostClash_PShepherd-20


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