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SIMGE on the Scene: Ragged Lines, Weakened Friends, Wild Americans and Atlas Bloom played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 11, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Going to call this week’s Happy Mondays The Travelers Party. We had a band kicking off their tour, a band on tour and two acts from out of town creating some great music at the Wonder Bar.

Opening the night acoustic style, Ragged Lines paid us a visit from Philadelphia. Carter is loving his new hometown and is starting to spread his musical roots to new pastures.

Coming down from New England with some guitar rock grunge was Weakened Friends. Side project or not, this trio was fun to listen too. Check out their recent EP release on Soundcloud.

I was digging Montclair’s, Wild Americans. A really nice groove accompanied this trio and the new smoke machine was in full effect for their set to make it all that more spacey.

Closing out the night and kicking off a short tour of their own was Atlas Bloom. I have seen these guys quite a few times and I pick up new things each time. I am always amazed at all the little intricacies that are occurring in the arrangements. Coming off the release of a brand new EP, the trio is down south for a few days before they get set to tackle a most northern leg after the holiday.

Pepperwine, The Black Sox Scandal and The Big Drops join us next Monday. Stop on by for some bands, ball and beverage.

The Choice selections from the evening:

Ragged Lines

RaggedLines_PShepherd-22 RaggedLines_PShepherd-24 RaggedLines_PShepherd-26 RaggedLines_PShepherd-2 RaggedLines_PShepherd-8

Weakened Friends

WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-16 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-20 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-21 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-38 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-48 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-49 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-57 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-66 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-7 WeakenedFriends_PShepherd-12

Wild Americans

WildAmericans119_PShepherd-17 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-33 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-39 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-45 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-49 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-65 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-70 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-71 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-10 WildAmericans119_PShepherd-13

Atlas Bloom

AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-21 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-32 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-34 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-36 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-41 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-56 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-62 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-72 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-2 AtlasBloom119_PShepherd-8


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