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SIMGE On The Scene: Pepperwine, Black Sox Scandal, The Big Drops & Rose Boulevard Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 18, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

This week’s Happy Mondays – What a great kick off for a busy week. I have not had that much musical fun in a long time. Sure there have been bands that have totally blown me away and sets that absolutely rocked, but as far as pure, heartfelt enjoyment this one is at the top. With four bands on the bill  it was an earlier start than normal, and three of those bands I am familiar with and have seen numerous times so I knew it was going to be good going in. When you can find that extra kick though from an unknown source, how great it is.

Perennial groove masters Pepperwine started the night off for us. I just love the rhythm section that has settled into this group. They have been searching for the right mix for  a little bit now, but I think Kelli and Breece have found what they were after and will continue an upward trajectory in their musical paths.

The Black Sox Scandal ramped things up a bit, the smoke came out and we were rocking. These alternative, power pop-rockers continuously put on a great show bringing loads of energy and aggression.

The surprise of the night for me was a band that hails from the northern reaches of the state in West Milford. The Big Drops put in a fantastic set filled with sixties style melodies and Zappa undertones. Add a little non pretentious quirkiness in there and you have the makings for an incredibly fun set. If you get the chance, do check out their live show.

Closing out the night was another band you cannot help but smile with. Rose Boulevard has an infectious quality about them and lead singer Jessica Magdosko is happiness in a bottle. I do not use the “Passion” word too much because I think it is way overused, but Jessica’s passion toward the music is so pure it is beautiful. After we were done and gone, my ride home remained quiet, without radio, just so I could keep appreciating what I had just witnessed.

On Tap for the 23rd  Happy Mondays will feature Mr. Ron Santee, Like-minded and Denizens of Soil.

The choice selections for the evening:


Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-17 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-19 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-24 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-26 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-27 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-36 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-41 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-5 Pepperwine1116_PShepherd-16

The Black Sox Scandal

BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-16 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-22 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-24 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-31 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-55 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-56 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-61 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-3 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-6 BlackSoxScandal1116_PShepherd-13

The Big Drops

TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-29 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-35 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-53 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-58 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-69 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-72 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-76 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-10 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-17 TheBigDrops1116_PShepherd-21

Rose Boulevard

RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-16 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-23 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-29 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-31 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-43 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-46 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-50 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-2 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-5 RoseBoulevard1116_PShepherd-6

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