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SIMGE On The Scene: Dead Velvet, Sun Voyager, The Cold Seas and St James & The Apostles Jammed At Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd November 22, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Ventured out to the Wonder Bar for a Psychedelic Friday to check out four bands perform some incredible music. The vibes this night were heavenly spacey, a whole lotta grungy and concluded with a killer set of Hard blues.

Hitting the stage for their first ever public performance was Dead Velvet. A recent collaboration between Dan Waszay (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Amy Malkoff (Bass), Frank Calebrese (Drums) and Sarah Smith (Keys) the group plays Psychedelic garage rock blues. Dan is the is the front man for the group while Amy gets in on some subtle backing vocals. It was cool seeing Amy on bass, she rocked the fuzz sound hard.

Hailing from Ocean County, NY, Sun Voyager was up next, a little more up tempo and anxious feel to them. Heavy, sixties, psychedelic grunge. Good hanging out and partying tunes for sure.

Starting to make a lot of noise in the scene, The Cold Seas took the stage and immediately showed us why they have grown so fast. An open sound, laid back with periods of shear intensity. An awesome feel going on. The boys have hooked up with some big time management and have started touring outside the state quite a bit. Yet another Asbury Band making some waves.

Concluding the night was an incredible set of hard rockin’ blues and psychedelic soul from Philly’s, St. James and the Apostles. This trio has a huge sound, and tons of personality going on. Their energy is fantastic and drummer Jeff Castner, sticks in hand, gave the perimeter of the stage a little once over during a jam. Never I have seen that one before, so awesome.

I present to you the choice selections from the evening:

Dead Velvet

DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-60 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-42 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-25 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-52 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-43 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-22 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-21 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-18 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-73 DeadVelvet1120_PShepherd-70

Sun Voyager

SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-35 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-40 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-48 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-53 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-54 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-64 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-68 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-17 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-20 SunVoyager1120_PShepherd-22

The Cold Seas

The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-29 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-34 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-39 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-50 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-55 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-59 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-61 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-16 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-20 The ColdSeas1120_PShepherd-26

St James and the Apostles

StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-31 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-36 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-42 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-47 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-57 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-62 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-70 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-3 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-14 StJamesApostles1120_PShepherd-28

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