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SIMGE On The Scene: CoolDad Music & Little Dickman Records Hosted A Holiday Benefit At Porta Asbury Park.

Phil Shepherd December 15, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

It is that time of year again. The time for camaraderie among friends, gathering together in order to benefit those less fortunate, and of course take in some fine music in the process.

Little Dickman Records and CoolDad Music combined forces to host their second annual charity fundraiser with proceeds going to The Mercy Center of Asbury Park.  This year’s edition was held at Porta Asbury Park.

The all ages affair gave us over six hours of local song and featured nine different acts spirited along by the family troupe Rock-n-Roll High Fives. We witnessed acoustic sets by Chris Brown, Renee Maskin and Dan Waszay and performances from full bands the likes of TV Tramps, Black Flamingos, Overlake, Dentist and Jolly Daggers.

It was a fantastic turn out, the grog was tasty, and the pizza was delicious. Around the 7pm hour, sometime during Black Flamingos set, the lights started to get dim and when Overlake went on it was just plain dark. We broke out our flashes, and well, when something like that goes atop my camera, things get a little weird. Especially when my SIMGE counterpart Mike Petzinger starts putting crazy ideas in my head. A sampling of the craziness is of course included in the gallery.

A few of the choice selections from the evening:

Rock-n-Roll High Fives

CDLD_PShepherd-20 CDLD_PShepherd-22 CDLD_PShepherd-29

Renee Maskin

CDLD_PShepherd-38 CDLD_PShepherd-44 CDLD_PShepherd-45

TV Tramps

CDLD_PShepherd-46 CDLD_PShepherd-52 CDLD_PShepherd-63 CDLD_PShepherd-70

Dan Waszay

CDLD_PShepherd-71 CDLD_PShepherd-73 CDLD_PShepherd-84

Black Flamingos

CDLD_PShepherd-91 CDLD_PShepherd-96 CDLD_PShepherd-97


CDLD_PShepherd-107 CDLD_PShepherd-108 CDLD_PShepherd-111 CDLD_PShepherd-116 CDLD_PShepherd-125


CDLD_PShepherd-130 CDLD_PShepherd-133 CDLD_PShepherd-137 CDLD_PShepherd-140

Jolly Daggers

CDLD_PShepherd-143 CDLD_PShepherd-144 CDLD_PShepherd-149 CDLD_PShepherd-152 CDLD_PShepherd-153

Chris Brown

CDLD_PShepherd-3 CDLD_PShepherd-6 CDLD_PShepherd-10

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