SIMGE On The Scene: Lowlight, Roadside Graves, The Vaughns + More Played Court Tavern

Phil Shepherd December 22, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

I had a bit of a crazy Friday night, came to terms with my memory reliving how much I dislike the BQE, parking in the city, and how much I love live music to make it all worth it. And to kick off a two week holiday staycation taking in two shows with bands I enjoy immensely made it even better, craziness and all.

With the holiday shows starting, SIMGE teamed up with Brittany on Fire to host some New Brunswick favorites for the night. Coming in to the Court Tavern from an assignment in Brooklyn, I arrived just in time for the third band as they started their set. It is my first time back at since the reopening and the first thing I noticed was the most beautiful light hitting the performers. How awesome is this I thought. Not so much. Having that much light shine in your face from so close, without sunglasses, leads to requests that kills said beautiful light. Plus it is incredibly hot. Totally get it, I would not want that shining in my face either.

I missed sets from Delsea and Dentist but did catch Roadside Graves, Lowlight and The Vaughns. It was my first time seeing Roadside Graves, great introduction to this group. Nice feel, chill and tight. Perfect after some crazy travel patterns.  The Vaughns continue their growth, getting tighter and tighter, and one can never get enough of Lowlight. We are kicking off the holidays in fantastic fashion.

The choice selections from the evening:

Roadside Graves

RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-23 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-25 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-42 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-43 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-45 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-47 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-2 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-19 RoadsideGraves1218_PShepherd-21


Lowlight1218_PShepherd-14 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-15 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-25 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-27 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-30 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-34 Lowlight1218_PShepherd Lowlight1218_PShepherd-5 Lowlight1218_PShepherd-13

The Vaughns

TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-12 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-14 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-15 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-21 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-23 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-27 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-2 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-6 TheVaughns1218_PShepherd-7



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