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SIMGE On The Scene: Wild Adriatic, Deaf Rhino & Downstream Rocked The Saint

Phil Shepherd March 15, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

It was a Saturday night of pure rock-n-roll at The Saint. Three bands of varying ages and experiences put on a great show in front of a well-attended crowd.

Up and comers Downstream, opened up the night for a couple of heavy hitters. This quartet is young but filled with talent and it should be fun watching them grow.

One of my favorites, Deaf Rhino, stormed through their set with incredible ferocity. This quartet has become super tight and I just love watching Jack Biamonte beat the crap out of his drums. They will be at the Wonder Bar on March 25. A show not to miss. 

Headliners for the evening, on tour and down from the Albany, NY area, Wild Adriatic gave us some the heavier, throwback 70 sounds I grew up with. It was great to see such a diverse age group taking them in and even better that everyone in the club knew the words to some old cover tunes. 

The choice selections of the evening: 


Downstream312_PShepherd-3 Downstream312_PShepherd-4 Downstream312_PShepherd-9 Downstream312_PShepherd-14 Downstream312_PShepherd-26 Downstream312_PShepherd-30 Downstream312_PShepherd-33 Downstream312_PShepherd-38 Downstream312_PShepherd-40

Deaf Rhino

DeafRhino_PShepherd-1 DeafRhino_PShepherd-2 DeafRhino_PShepherd-3 DeafRhino_PShepherd-4 DeafRhino_PShepherd-5 DeafRhino_PShepherd-6 DeafRhino_PShepherd-7 DeafRhino_PShepherd-8 DeafRhino_PShepherd-9 DeafRhino_PShepherd-10

Wild Adriatic

WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-6 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-13 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-25 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-27 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-46 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-97 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-100 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-114 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-117 WildAdriatic312_PShepherd-136

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