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SIMGE On The Scene: Atlas Bloom, I Have Been Floated & Yawn Mower Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd March 16, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This weeks Happy Mondays found us listening to an unplugged set from Power rockers Atlas Bloom. I have always been in awe of the skill and talent this trio has and the vocal harmonies they produce are unmatched in our local scene. I am a hard rock guy, but I just love a good acoustic set from a bunch of, what did I previously call them? Musical Savants. Only a couple of other bands I have seen can shred an acoustic guitar and an upright bass like these guys. I believe they were a bit worried about how the unplugged thing would go over, not sure why really. Good stuff. 

I Have Been Floated and Yawn Mower rounded out the night for this weeks edition. 

Next week is going to get loud and crazy with a bill of The Turnbucklers, Fortune Yeller and Wolfasurus Rex. 

The choice selections from the evening: 

Atlas Bloom

AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-12 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-24 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-34 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-37 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-63 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-68 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-79 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-87 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-92 AtlasBloom314_PShepherd-103

I Have Been Floated

IBeenFloated_PShepherd-10 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-14 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-21 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-27 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-37 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-40 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-42 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-48 IBeenFloated_PShepherd-53 IBeenFloated_PShepherd

Yawn Mower

YawnMower314_PShepherd-16 YawnMower314_PShepherd-17 YawnMower314_PShepherd-23 YawnMower314_PShepherd-32 YawnMower314_PShepherd-39 YawnMower314_PShepherd-41 YawnMower314_PShepherd-42 YawnMower314_PShepherd-48 YawnMower314_PShepherd-51

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